Iratus Lord of the Dead Minions Recipes

Our Iratus Lord of the Dead Minions Recipes gives you the perfect list of ingredients to make the ultimate recipe. Just use the Iratus Lord of the Dead Minions Recipes to create the best recipe.

Iratus Lord of the Dead Minions Recipes

Below is the best recipe guide for you to use in the game.

  1. Banshee: Ectoplasm, Dust, Rags and also Heart
  2. Black Widow: Armor, Flesh, Heart and also Ectoplasm
  3. Blood Phantasm: Armor, Blood, Blood and also Weapon
  4. Bone Golem: Skull, Bones, Bones and also Skull
  5. Bride of Iratus: Flesh, Blood, Heart and also Bones
  6. Dark Knight: Armor, Ectoplasm, Dust and also Weapons
  7. Fallen Dhampir: Flesh, Heart, Blood and also Weapon
  8. Ghoul: Flesh, Flesh, Blood and also Heart
  9. Head Hunter: Armor, Weapon, Weapon and also Dust
  10. Infested: Flesh, Bones, Bones and also Heart
  11. Lich: Skull, Bones, Dust and also Rags
  12. Lost Soul: Ectoplasm, Ectoplasm, Skull and also Rags
  13. Mummy: Skull, Bones, Flesh and also Rags
  14. Shade: Dust, Dust, Rags and also Armor
  15. Skeleton: Skull, Bones, Armor and also Weapons
  16. Unfrozen: Ectoplasm, Rags, Armor and also Dust
  17. Vampire: Heart, Blood, Blood and also Flesh
  18. Wraith: Rags, Ectoplasm, Ectoplasm and also Dust
  19. Zombie: Weapon, Armor, Blood and also Flesh

But before trying to craft a new minion, check if it is already unlocked, if not, check hot to get him:

Iratus Lord of the Dead Minions Unlock

  1. Banshee: Available at the start
  2. Black Widow: Complete the game on More Pain or Higher
  3. Blood Phantasm: Use 7500 Wraith on ultimate abilities
  4. Bone Golem: Gather 70 bones
  5. Bride of Iratus: Available at the start
  6. Dark Knight: Available at the start
  7. Fallen Dhampir: Recruit 3 Dhampirs (Mercenary barracks floor 3)
  8. Ghoul: Deal 3500 damage to your own minions
  9. Head Hunter: Defeat 2 bosses (Keymaster & Inventor)
  10. Infested: Supporter Pack
  11. Lich: Slay 60 enemies
  12. Lost Soul: Debuff enemies 250 times
  13. Mummy: Get a minion to level 5
  14. Shade: Trigger insanity effect on 80 enemies
  15. Skeleton: Available at the start
  16. Unfrozen: Complete the game on More Pain or Higher
  17. Vampire: Recruit 3 Vampires (Blood curse spell on an emeny and let him escape)
  18. Wraith: Available at the start
  19. Zombie: Available at the start

Once you unlock a new minion check the recipe components (above)

How to get Minions?

First check if you have already unlocked the minion you want. If not, meet the requirements (detailed above)

Then you can create new minions through the creation tab in the Chamber of Iratus. Each minion requires 4 parts (see the recipe of each one of them above)

How to Customize Minions?

In the detail tab of a minion, players can customize their minions by clicking on yellow skull and feather pen icons to change their skins and names respectively.


I hope that our Iratus Lord of the Dead Minions Recipes will help you to create the perfect recipe. Let us know in comment section if you need recipe guide for any other game.

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