Nexters Global LTD has released Island Questaway – Jungle Farm, a new casual puzzle game. The game introduces you to two fascinating characters who appear to be on a boat but have been shipwrecked and must stay on a neighboring island. This game requires a lot of tapping because you’ll need to clear paths in almost every place you visit. So, in this comprehensive yet concise beginner’s guide, we’ll teach you and assist you in understanding the game’s fundamentals, controls, and plot.

1. About the Gameplay

Your character is Emily . You will discover yourself in a shipwreck at the start of the game, which you must escape at all costs. After your hull has been broken, you must tap the woods as shown to clear the route and escape drowning.

You’ll notice that your companion is in need of assistance once you’re out. To reduce him, tap on him, and he’ll recommend that you both go on a boat and get out before it sinks. You’ll find yourself on an unfamiliar island, which happens to be where your brother, Jonathan, lives, after fleeing with the boat.


2. How to Clear the Paths?

Now it’s up to you to scavenge the island for shelter and food as quickly as possible. Because you’re on an island, there will be various obstacles in your way, such as tree branches, boxes, unusual flowers, rocks, and so on. To proceed, you’ll need to clear the pathways, and you’ll sometimes need specific things to do so.

Path clearance is one of the game’s more intriguing and less interesting paths because, while clearing, a path may appear to be enjoyable and adventure-like at first, it can quickly become overwhelming in this game. You will have to gather things eventually and this task becomes easier.

3. Bored with Clearing Paths? Try out the various Puzzles the game offers

The initial puzzles you’ll come across are rather straightforward. It’s finished when you twist and spin or remove particular pieces. While some of these puzzles may appear to be difficult at first, they aren’t all that difficult to solve, and they make the game more complex than it appears.

There is no challenge on the island without the puzzles. And clearing pathways will quickly become tedious. However, because it is an island, the riddles indicate that people have been and continue to be around. There are also regions you’ll need to go to, but you’ll have to solve puzzles to do so.


4. Use the Energy Bars wisely

In this game, clearing a path requires a particular amount of energy. It’s at the very top of your screen, in the centre. You’ll be allotted a set amount of energy to begin with, but be cautious not to use them all up. Else, you’ll find yourself stuck on a deserted island. It might lead you to spending gems or coins for extra energy bars, paying actual money, or reinstalling the game and making better use of the energy bars this time. After clearing a road with a particular number of energy bars, you’ll be rewarded with fruits, wood, meat, and other stuff.


4. How to Refill Energy Bars?

Unlike previous games, this one does not allow you to hunt or try to refill your energy bars by collecting items and equipment. After you’ve reached a goal, your energy bar is refilled. For example, the game begins with you trapped on an island, and you must then locate your brother’s house on the island.
Finding his residence is now your top goal; once you’ve done so, all of the energy you used along the route will be returned, allowing you to move on to the next mission

You can download Island Questaway – Jungle Farm for Android and iOS. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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