1 Complete Challenges at a Specific Time

Many people ignore the challenges, thinking they will do it later but forget about it. These challenges are of limited time, but you have chances of getting great rewards. Try to complete the elite and master challenges before they get reset to help you maintain a higher rank. This is what the art of war legions players do as well. People do this because they want to avoid getting attacked by other players. You will also find easier targets to attack and will be able to maintain a higher rank on the leaderboard. Don’t forget to complete headhunts as well. You must complete headhunt missions before the day ends because this will provide you with many resources.

2 Collect Coins in Island War

When checking out the daily challenges, remember to check the amount of loot available. More coins mean more points as well. In short, if you want to get higher ranks, try to defeat players with the most coins.

3 Two Troops are Better than One

When building your army, 2 troops are better than 1. For example, Two-level 3 troops will provide more firepower than 1 level 4 troops. So avoid combining troops until and unless you have enough troops on board. You will also notice that there are slight differences between the levels of troops in some cases, while in other cases, there’s a drastic change between troops of higher levels.

  • Lvl 3 troops 20k hp
  • LVL 4 troops 40k hp
  • LVL 5 troops 49k hp

See the difference? You will find a similar pattern in almost all troops.

4 Don’t Place Your Buildings on the Outer Grids.

You make yourself an easy target by placing buildings on the outer grid. If you keep your main buildings near the external grid, it’s game over for you, so avoid this mistake. Place your buildings strategically and keep them away from shore snipers.

Island War Guide

5 Attack Strategically in Island War

The beginners will always try to attack all the troops and defeat them, but a pro knows that he only needs to focus on 3 main buildings. If you successfully raid the 3 buildings, then 50% game you have already won. While attacking, make sure to strike the town hall first! Yes, just like in clash of clans, you must attack their town hall. Next, raid the army camp and gold mine because these are easier to destroy. You can also send just paratroopers to destroy the mines and camps.

6 Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • Join a clan (You get extra rewards)
  • Check loot for clan medals
  • Join the discord server

These tips and tricks will surely help you level up faster and attack efficiently. Island war is available on Google Play and App Store. You can check a similar game Infinity Clan. Comment down your gaming experience or tips that you think I forgot to include. Happy Gaming to you all!

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