1 Learn the Controls of Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy

For every game, I’ve told you that to master any game, you must learn the controls and have a basic understanding of the gaming mechanics, so the same goes for this game. You can control your character; it’s not auto mode. To move your character, use the small circle on the left side of the screen. Next, is the jump button located at the bottom right of the screen. If you’re too lazy even to move your finger, you can move your character by tapping on the quest, and it will move on its own.

The fighting system is unique as it’s not fully controllable. It’s a turn-based fighting RPG game. To defeat the enemy, you need to press the skill button on the right side of your screen, choose your preferred skill, select the enemy on which you want to use the skilled attack, and then the character will automatically attack the enemy.

2 Build Your Character Wisely

You can choose your gender while choosing sect. After choosing sect and gender, you will get to customize the character. In the beginning, you will get a chance to create your character as it’s an MMORPG game. The process is very easy and simple; you will not face many difficulties. You will have to choose from the eight available sects, and the sects are:

  • Jason: it’s excellent for magical damages and thunder attacks
  • Incense: Great advantage for critical damages and summoning fire elements (seems a bit difficult to handle character, though)
  • Vim: Top-notch Group and physical damage
  • Skysong: mostly healing and reviving buffs
  • Lupin: good at both attack and defense while excellent in stealth detection (a good character for beginners)
  • Southern Border Witchery: Always a good supporter when it comes to group healing and magical buffs
  • Longevity: Good control over sealing technique, physical and metaphysical control
  • Poisoner’s Guild: High physical DPS attack and counterattack stats

3 Choose Your Spirit Beast or Pets

After you reach level 11 in the storyline, you will be able to choose a companion for yourself in spirit beast form. In the beginning, you will only get to choose from 3 pets that have almost similar abilities so that you can choose according to your liking. After selecting your spirit beast, you will see that this beast will stay with you till you decide to change it. These beasts are helpful while fighting enemies as well. Then, of course, you can switch to any other companion; you will have to visit the pet store, and this feature gets unlocked at level 15.

Jade Dynasty beginners tips

4 Gear Up in Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy

MMORPG is useless without proper equipment, so everyone must know that this equipment is necessary to level up. To obtain the equipment, you must finish the quest and earn rewards from them. These quests improve overall your character’s abilities. You can either wear the equipment instantly or wear it later by going to the backpack section.

Jade Dynasty guide

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy is available on Google Play and App Store. The graphics and characters’ designs are no doubt mesmerizing, and the gaming mechanics is also brilliant. I hope these tips and tricks will help you, and if you have any other queries related to the game, comment below. If you’re looking for another MMORPG game, then check out: Endless Quest 2.

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