King’s Raid Tier List

Are you looking for King’s Raid Tier List? If yes, then let me help you. We are giving the latest and updated King’s Raid Tier List. This list will help you to get the best of Priests, Knights, Warriors, Assassins, Archers, Mechanics, Wizards, .

King’s Raid Tier List (Characters)

This is the list of in game characters from best to worst.

King’s Raid Tier List – Knights

ClauseTank (Protector, AsSlow)SSCSS
Aselica*Tank (Buffer, Amp)ABB
DosartaTank (PvP)BAC
Loman*Tank (Amp, Cleanse, Shield)SSSS
MorrahTank (Protector, Amp)BCA
DemiaTank (PvP)BSB
GlenwysTank (Protector)SSCSS
JaneTank (Amp, Shred)SBA
NeraxisTank (Protector)SSBSS
PhillopTank (Shred, Amp)SAS
RicardoTank (CC, Protector)BSB
SoniaTank (CC, Amp)AAA

King’s Raid Tier List – Warriors

GauTank (CC, Cleanse, Buffer)AASS
PriscillaSubdealer (Buffer, s2)AAS
Scarlet(Sub-)Dealer (Cleanse, Dispel)BSB
ChaseDealer (Buffprevention)ASA
KaselSelfish (Acc Debuff, Dodge)BAA
Naila*Subdealer (Amp, CC)AAS
SeriaDealer (Defpen, always crits)AAB
Theo(Sub-)Dealer (CC, Amp)SBS
Viska*(Sub-)Dealer (CC, Amp, Shred)SAA
Nicky*was born nerfed

King’s Raid Tier List – Assassins

Tanya(Sub-)Dealer (Silence, Dispel)AAA
RoiDealer (Single Target)BCS
ReinaDealer (Single Target)ABS
NiaDealer (Defpen)AAA
MirianneDealer (Single Target)SSA
LaudiaDealer (Single Target)AAB
Gladi*(Sub-)Dealer (Amp)ABS
FlussDealer (Anti-Magic)BSB
EzekielDealer (CC, Defpen)SAS
ErzeDealer (AoE)SSAB
EpisDealer (Main)SAA

King’s Raid Tier List – Archers

Arch(Sub-)Dealer (M.Shield, Defpen)AAA
ZafirDealer (Aoe)SSAS
YanneDealer (Main)CCSS
Shamilla(Sub-)Dealer (Dispel, Pvp)AAC
SeleneDealer (Main)ABA
RequinaSubdealer (Amp, Blockred.)SSSS
LunaDealer (Main)SAS
Dimael(Sub-)Dealer (bit of everyth.)ASA

King’s Raid Tier List – Mechanics

RodinaDealer (Single Target)BBB
OddySupport (CDR)ABB
MitraDealer (Single Target)CDC
Miruru*Subdealer (CC, AoE)SSSS
LakrakDealer (CC, AoE)SAS
KaraPut with Shea or RipAAA
CrowDealer (AoE)BBA
Chrisha*Subdealer (Aoe Amp)SBS
AnnetteSupport (CC Immunity, Amp)SBSS

King’s Raid Tier List – Wizards

Veronica*Support (Buffer, Amp)BDA
Pavel(Sub-)Dealer (CC, AoE)ASB
Ophelia(Sub-)Dealer (Buffer, Burst)ASA
NyxDealer (AoE, Dispel)SSB
MariaSubdealer (CC, Amp)SSB
LorraineSubdealer (CC, AoE)ABS
Lilia(Sub-)Dealer (Buffer)AAA
LewisiaDealer (Single Target)BCC
Esker(Sub-)Dealer (Buffer, Aoe Amp)ADB
CleoDealer (AoE)SSBA
ArtemiaDealer (AoE)SSBS
AishaDealer (Single Target)ABA

King’s Raid Tier List – Priests

Shea*Support (everything)ABB
RephySupport (Cleanse, Healer)SSSS
MedianaSupport (Buffer, s3)SAS
MaySupport (Buffer, Healer)BDB
LuciasSupport (Anti P.Damage)ASB
LeoSupport (s3, Shred, Dispel)CSSC
LavrilSupport (Buffer, weak heal)ACS
LaiasSupport (Manabattery)SAS
KaulahSupport (CC, Buffer)ABS
JunoSupport (Cleanse, Dispel)SSA
FreySupport (Shield)SBS
CassandraSupport (Disruption, Buffer)BSB
BaudouinSupport (s3, Buffer, CC)CAC


Now that you have the King’s Raid Tier List, use it to select the best characters in the game. If you need Tier list for any other game do let us know in the comment section.

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