Kitty Love Kyosuke Kawahara

Kitty Love is an amazing game where you are cursed by a black one-eyed cat. This Kitty Love Kyosuke Kawaharai Walkthrough guide will make sure that you unlock both the normal and happy endings.

Kitty Love Kyosuke Kawahara Walkthrough – Happy Ending

Choices to unlock the Happy Ending

1st Episode: He might be cute

2nd Episode:

  • For me?
  • It’s hard to ignore

3rd Episode:

  • Go closer and check
  • Apologize again

4th Episode: Pasta

5th Episode: Any recommendations?

6th Episode: Mr, Kawahara, I

7th Episode: wanted to watch with Mr. Kawahara

8th Episode: No choices

9th Episode: You will Unlock the Happy Ending

Normal Ending

Choices to unlock the Normal Ending

1st Episode: Feel awkward

2nd Episode:

  • Not in a messy room
  • About what

3rd Episode:

  • scared, so wait a little
  • Stop talking

4th Episode: Convenient store

5th Episode: Japanese

6th Episode: ……..

7th Episode: it must be full of people

8th Episode: No choices

9th Episode: You will Unlock the normal Ending

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