League of Angels: Chaos is the latest action fantasy MMORPG developed by the Yoozoo. The game focuses primarily on the MMO component of objects, allowing users to forge, make, gather, and sell various objects via an in-game auction house system. We can move straight into the beginner’s tutorial now that you know what this game is all about. But it’s only one feature of it; the game is jam-packed with material that will keep the mobile gaming community busy for a long time.

1. Make an informed decision about the Class you want to Choose

You will be introduced to three classes before the game begins, from which you can pick your character. These three classes have distinct attack methods and skills, resulting in gameplay that is distinct from one another. To play the game easily and without trouble, you’ll need to pick the appropriate class that suits your gameplay style. The 3 classes are discussed below:

  • The Dragoon class is a melee fighter with the distinct attribute of wielding two swords in their hands. It will give players the impression that the Dragoon class is a brawler, thus players that enjoy being on the front lines and close to the action will be pleased with the Dragoon class’s performance.
  • The goal of the Mage class in the game is to provide support with their skills and, if feasible, to provide long-range strikes with an effect on the adversary; nevertheless, if you pick this class, there is one thing you must keep in mind, and that is their MP.
  • The Archer class is a fantastic fit for players that want to play from a safe distance away from their opponents. The Archer class can provide deadly critical damage to the adversary even from a considerable distance.

2. Keep an eye on the in-game menus.

The user interface may grow crowded as you progress through the game and unlock additional features. There are a few important aspects of the game that you should be aware of.

The Character menu is where you can view vital information about your characters. These include the level, attributes, class, and BR (present strength) of Your character. You may also feed your character fruit from this menu, which will enhance your character’s attribute numbers.

League of Angels Chaos Character
  • You can use Forge to improve and upgrade your character’s existing equipment.
  • Alliance allows you to join or form an alliance to aid you on your adventure. You have access to new features such as Alliance Skill, Alliance Storage, and Alliance Event when you join an alliance. This is also where you may send resources to your alliance as a donation.
  • Settings allow you to change the game’s several settings such as visuals, FPS limit (which is set at 45 by default; it’s recommended that you raise it to 60 or 90 for a smoother experience), audio settings, and block settings. You may also re-calibrate auto-combat settings here.

3. Choose your companions carefully.

Companions can follow your character and help them battle enemies and navigate the game. Angels are strong beings that may be summoned into combat and then summoned again when a cooldown period has elapsed. They have unique talents and capabilities that may be enhanced through training and imbibing Angel’s Divine Origin.

New angels can be unlocked by completing an Angelic Revelation, which has three prerequisites. You can travel more rapidly using the mount. They have their unique set of talents and qualities that can be improved with Mythical Creature Mark.

League of Angels Chaos companion

4. Make sure to Upgrade your Characters

Every MMORPG requires you to upgrade your character. By improving your character, you will acquire more BR, which will enhance your character’s strength. In this game, leveling up your character is basic and straightforward; all you have to do is complete tasks and defeat your enemies to get XPs. 

The usage of an Equipment Enhancement Stone, which can be gained from World Boss, Boss Lair, and Individual Arena, is required for equipment enhancement. 

For refining items, you’ll need a Refinement Stone, which can be purchased in the Gold Shop and the Wild Lands. Enhancement upgrades are always guaranteed, whereas refinement upgrades are dependent on a success rate. If your equipment fails to refine, the Refinement Stones you spent are gone forever. At levels 10, 15, 20, and 30, refinement, like enhancement, allows you to gain additional attribute benefits.

Fruits are one-of-a-kind items that can improve your character’s qualities when consumed. The four types of fruits in the game are Growth Fruit, Advanced Fruit, Super Fruit, and Mythic Fruit. The number of attribute boosts varies depending on whatever fruit was consumed.

League of Angels Chaos Fruit


League of Angels: Chaos is an MMORPG that has the potential to thrill gamers. Even though there are only three classes accessible, gamers may still experience the excitement of battle. Players will need to be inventive with their equipment placement because there are so many ways to improve their character.

There are still many aspects in the game that players may discover, as well as several methods to enhance and strengthen the character. This will pique the player’s interest and make them want to learn more, which is what makes an MMORPG so enjoyable to play. Download League of Angels: Chaos from Google Play and the App Store.

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