1 Play as Much as Possible

Playing matches and battles will make you an experienced player, but you will also get rewards, and coins are keys to success. Coins play a pivotal role, but that doesn’t mean that you should completely forget about your troops and play strategically. Play as many battles, whether PVP or quest; just try to collect coin, exp, and treasure chests. Through these, you will be able to buy elite troops also. When you buy troops, you will see that there are up to 4-star troops, the greater the star, the stronger soldiers you will get. As you get random troops, make sure to combine others and keep them upgraded so you will have space for new ones.

2 Plan Your Battle Lineup

Battle lineups can be a turning point for battles. If laid well, then you can win the matches easily. The basics that you must know for lineups are keeping the soldiers (mainly from 1 star) in the frontlines while keeping the 2-star ones in the 2nd row and so on. Make sure that you are supporting only the long-ranged troops at the back. If you follow this type of lineup, you are bound to win. Before any match begins, make sure to check the enemies’ lineup and change your lineup for better efficiency.

For example: if enemy archers are at the back on the left without any soldiers to guard them in front, then keep strong soldiers on the left to take those archers out quickly.

3 Collect Coins in Legionlands

It would be best to collect coins as much as possible to buy better troops. Simple ways to get coins are playing matches, arena, PVP, quest, etc. Not only will you get cash, but you have chances of getting treasure chests. Through these chests, you get random troops and plenty of coins. Wherever you see any offer or 2x ads, then never miss them. You can also collect cash from Gold Mine and get yourself a pet from eggs. If you’re bored of playing battles, you can solve tactical puzzles and win coins.

Legionlands Tips and tricks

Legionlands is available in Google Play and App Store. There is another similar auto-battle game that you can check out Infinity Clan. They also have a support team; if you ever have any queries, you can connect them through their official support website. I hope these tips and tricks will be helpful for you, and if you have any more information to share, then don’t forget to comment down below!

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