Love Fantasy: Match & Stories- Who doesn’t loves scandals and dramatic romance stories filled with twists and juicy moments? I don’t know about you all, but I’ve found a game that is more than just a simple puzzle game. In this game, you get to makeover your characters by matching three puzzles. You get to choose between a scandalous or one true love life. Your fashion and life choices will determine how you will end up in the story. Now without any delay, let’s start with the tips and tricks of Love Fantasy Game.

Tip#1 – Subscribe to Love Fantasy: Match & Stories

If you want to level up quickly and do not like to wait around for playing matches, then subscribe to the game, and you will get the following benefits:

  • Master Pack
  • Daily Free Bonus
  • 8 lives instead of 5

Besides this, you can also get membership options; read the details below before taking any VIP memberships. A monthly subscription will cost you $9.99 per month. Once you subscribe to this one, you won’t have to renew again; it’s auto-renewable. If you want to unsubscribe, you must do it 24 hours before the period ends. Do not worry the payment will only be charged after confirmation from your side.

Tip#2 – Stay Calm and Play

There’s no time limit for the game, so stay calm and try to match the more than three items so that you get rockets. Now I’ll tell you how many types of missiles are available currently:

  • Horizontal Rocket: which blasts one row horizontally
  • Vertical Rocket: which explodes one row vertically
  • Bomb: blasts surrounding 10-15 tiles
  • Flower: if you swipe with any item, that particular item will get all blasted away.

Make sure to use these carefully and not just swipe the flashy ones. As you will clear levels, it will keep getting difficult. So do not lose your calm.

Tip#3 – Earn Coins in Love Fantasy: Match & Stories

In this game, gems don’t hold much value except for buying unique items. I will advise you to focus on collecting coins because you will be able to complete the tasks through this. Now I told you to earn cash, but how will you make more? The best way to earn more coins is to complete the matches with minimum moves. When you complete the game with minimum activities, the rockets or bombs appear and blast away the items, so you get extra coins from that. Suppose you will get 300 cash from a match, but if you are clear with minimum moves, then you have a chance of earning extra 100-150 coins as well. This way, you will be able to complete more tasks.

Tip#4 – Watch Ads and Make Wise Choices

You will see that a dialogue box always appears, asking you to watch ads and watch them only to get more coins. When you reach higher levels, watch ads to get rockets/bombs/other unique items. You will have to use these during matches because you are bound to lose unless you play smartly. You get five hearts, so if you lose five times, you will have to wait for the heart to get recharged. Play spin the wheel to earn extra rewards. Lastly, I’d like to include that make sure you pick the right choices for your character whenever necessary; you’ll have higher chances of getting a happy ending.

Love Fantasy Guide

The game is available on Google Play and App Store. These tips and tricks will surely help you to clear the game. Trust me; I finished 7-8 stories in just one day; it’s not that difficult if you have played puzzle games before. If you like puzzle games, don’t forget to check out: Pull the Pin. Do share which ending you got through the comments section below.

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