Love Season Farmers Dreams Walkthrough

Are you looking for Love Season Farmers Dreams Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Love Season Farmers Dreams Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, and scenes.

Love Season Farmers Dreams Walkthrough – Chapter 1

  1. About you of course
  2. I’m good thanks.
  3. Protest
  4. Always willing to help
  5. Your choice: Apologize or not
  6. So, I’m just “Someone”
  7. They remind me of you
  8. Sure thing
  9. The girl of your choice
  10. It’s not bad
  11. I could
  12. Nah, I’m not much of a drinker
  13. I don’t like to lose control
  14. Punch Toby
  15. F**k it! You only live once
  16. Don’t say it
  17. Go for it!
  18. Hell to the yes
  19. I don’t know… maybe…
  20. You’re actually surprisingly hot

Love Season Farmers Dreams Walkthrough – Chapter 2

  1. Close your eyes for real
  2. I’m sleeping next to a n**ed girl…
  3. No, it doesn’t.
  4. Offer to help her
  5. Go Right > Left > Middle > I wouldn’t care
  6. Inside
  7. No
  8. Tell the whole truth
  9. Shake his hand
  10. Go for it

Love Season Farmers Dreams Walkthrough – Chapter 3

  1. Sure!
  2. Go down on her
  3. Press her further
  4. It was nothing
  5. Joke with her
  6. Coffee
  7. Evelyn was hot at least
  8. He wants to get a girlfriend
  9. Turn around and comfort her
  10. Up the ante
  11. I don’t like how Darius creeps on you
  12. I understand why they didn’t want that

Chapter 4

  1. Fine
  2. Look for her
  3. Carry her to bed.
  4. Don’t say anything
  5. Choose:
    1. The book is too important (+Corr)
    2. Confess and help Mia (+ Mia and also + Honor)
  6. She said you gave good H
  7. Choose:
    1. Stop Nina (+Nova but -Nina)
    2. Stop Nova (-Nova but +Nina)
    3. Both (No points)
  8. Choose:
    1. Stop him and go after here yourself (+Nina)
    2. Let him go after her (+Trevor, +Nova, also +Mia)
  9. Do not kiss Nina.
  10. You got this! You can do it!
  11. Intervene.
  12. Choose all in order
  13. Choose:
    1. Go with it (+Corr)
    2. Something is wrong here (+Honor)
  14. Your Choice.
  15. Take me

Chapter 5

  1. Help him out.
  2. Your choice
  3. I think it was more than that
  4. Check the G
  5. He’s okay

Chapter 6

Not available yet

Chapter 7

Not available yet

Chapter 8

Not available yet


Well, now that you have the Love Season Farmers Dreams Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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