Man of the House Pam Guide

Are you looking for Man Of The House Pam Guide And Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Man Of The House Pam Guide And Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game.

Also using this game guide you can score maximum points in the game with Pam.

How to Unlock Pam?

Below are the requirements to start the Superhero Angel route:

  1. Unlock and progress through the Officer Debby Route (see Debby guide)
  2. Progress through the Claire Route (see Claire guide)
  3. Have a breakfast with the girls (Saturday 9:00) to start the event

Man of the House Pam Guide – 0-10 Hearts

  1. Police Station – 10:00 (saturday, after the breakfast) – Debby talking about Angel (if not, progress through Debby’s path
  2. Foyer – 21:00 (always) – News about the superhero
  3. Streets – (Nighttime) – Walk home > Thugs > Superhero helps
  4. Dinner – 18:00 (always) – Conversation about Angel
  5. Streets – 19:00 (always) – Walk to the Mall, then come Back > Superhero will help again

10 Kiss

(Requirements: Debby Hearts = 10, Debby Kiss = 5)

  1. You will receive a note in your bedroom
  2. Park – 00:00 (always) – Meet Angel
  3. Claire’s bedroom – 20:00 / 21:00 (always) – Read her laptop
  4. Office – 8:30 / 17:00 (always, next day after the previous step) – Cassie > Is my mom here? need to talk to her > Lift > Office Floor > PC > project descriptions > video log

Man of the House Pam Guide – 11-20 Hearts

  1. Phone – 24h (always) – Google > Dr Russo > unlock every option > pictures
  2. Park – 00:00 (always) – Meet Angel > True identity =  Pam
  3. (*) Phone – 8:00 (always) – Text Pam > Coffee
  4. (*) Coffee Shop – 10:00 (always) – Pam

(*) Repeat both until you don’t get more points, then go on dates

Man of the House Pam Guide – Dates

You can text Pam at 19:00 on weekdays

Pam – Beer Date

  1. Aproach and: Casually – Hug her; Smiles – kiss her check; Winks – kiss her lips
  2. Give Flowers
  3. Drinks: Vino – Wine; Brewskie – Beer; Slammer – Tequila shot
  4. Game (your turn): Look
  5. Game (her turn): Payback
  6. After game: Mess with her
  7. Walking home: Walk her home
  8. Her place

Pam – Movie Date

  1. Aproach and: Smiles – Hug her; Lights up – kiss her check; Sultry look – kiss her lips
  2. Give Flowers
  3. Movie: Aquawoman, or Revengers: Endless war, or black tiger
  4. During movie: Kiss her
  5. After kiss: Oh please
  6. During…: Actually why don’t we…
  7. Walking home: Walk her home
  8. Her place: Aren’t you going to invite me in…


Well, now that you have the Man Of The House Pam Guide And Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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