1 Know Your Characters

There are currently 6 characters available now in Maximus 2. Julius, Otus, Scarlett, Bishop, Shishima, and Penrose. You will only get Julius for free, but that doesn’t mean you cannot play with other characters. You can buy additional characters with coins by defeating your enemies. Every character has unique abilities; Penrose has healing skills while Bishop can summon two allies. You can reach the max level of 20 by collecting enough exp throughout the battles.

2 Upgrade Your Character

You must upgrade your character from time to time if you want to win the levels. Before upgrading any surface, you must know about the stats. After you clear the levels and progress further, you will have to face stronger enemies with more challenging situations. Hence it would be best if you upgraded your character wisely. Do not waste the stat points and equip your character with better gears. I recommend you invest your stat points on attack and health in the first few stages. Later on, increase magic stars, etc. Lastly, don’t forget to increase your luck because when your health is down through luck, you will have a higher chance of getting food by breaking boxes. Pick talents according to your needs.

Character Stats:

  • Attack –This Increases the damage of basic attacks and abilities that you perform by clicking the sword icon.
  • Health –Higher HP means you will last longer and not have to use up revivals to continue the level.
  • Magic –Increases the attack power of the lightning icon and reduces the time for a recharge

3 Improve Gameplay in Maximus 2

I will share some tips on how you can clear levels quickly.

  • Keep moving, don’t stay still because the game has been designed so that if you remain still, you will end up dead.
  • Dodge and fight instead of simply pressing the attack button
  • Destroy boxes or houses that you see on the battlefield; you have chances of getting coins or food to increase your hp.
  • Learn the combos that have been shared during tutorials.
  • Sometimes, repeat the stages if you cannot clear higher settings; gaining exp, and stat points will improve your character.
Maximus 2 Guide

That are all the tips that I think a beginner would need to become a pro. Maximus 2 is available on Google Play and App Store. Do check out the Top 10 best Platform Games, and don’t forget to share your gaming experience with me through the comments section below.

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