minecraft color codes
minecraft color codes

Minecraft color codes are a great way for players to change the text of a chat message, game orders, MOTD, and even team colors in the game.

Also, there are Minecraft format codes used to change the text style/format.

So, if you want to change the Minecraft color codes, we’ll let you know-how. Here we’ll see how to change the color code for Minecraft text colors and even provide a list of Minecraft color codes.

Changing the colors of text, names, and other items shouldn’t be too complicated. Go ahead and you’ll see Minecraft color codes illustrated in a way that will help you understand what to do with Minecraft color codes.

What are Minecraft Color Codes

Minecraft color codes are used in a popular video game, Minecraft, and it is considered one of the most impactful games ever. The game gives players complete freedom to create their own world using 3D blocks.

There are no specific goals to achieve this and that is why it provides space for creative players. However, it does come with a successful system. The game covers basic tasks such as exploration, crafting, and fighting.

The popular game has two game modes: single-player or multiplayer. When playing in a multiplayer game, players have the opportunity to interact with one another.

Although chatting is easy and basic, players can choose to format text in different colors. The game comes with an integrated color code that can also be used to chat or send game orders.

 This Minecraft color codes go by the name “Format Codes”. With these color codes players can improve the appearance of text in the game. However, formatting codes have a greater relationship to the text style, such as making them bold.

Minecraft Color Codes

Messages sent by operators are color-coded to edit the appearance of the text. Simply put, formatting and color codes add color and style to the game text.

Minecraft contains a variety of color codes and formatting codes. The main function of these icons is to allow players to customize the text in different colors.

The color code starts with section sign (§) followed by a hexadecimal number, which is a numeric representation consisting of the numbers 0 through 9 and the letter A-F.

Different numbers and letters produce different effects and colors. Players write the color code before changing the text. Even multiplayer server messages can have different colors depending on color codes.

The color code, which means “Section Mark (§) + Hex digit”, directs the customer to change the color when the text appears.

The following table shows the color, MOTD code, chat code symbol code, decimal, and hexadecimal code to facilitate text editing for users.

minecraft color codes

Color is the name of a specific color. Whereas in above Minecraft color code table, There is the MOTD color code that stands for Message Of The Day Color (MOTD). The decimal point and hexadecimal are the color values in the game. Chat code is used when you want to send a message in Minecraft that is color coded.

The following are the formatting codes to change the text style in the game:

DescriptionChat CodeMOTD Code
Reset the default color§r\u00A7r
Minecraft Formatting Codes

Change Minecraft Text Colors

Changing the colors in your Minecraft experience can clearly help create another unique experience. We all want our gaming experiences to be tailored to our priorities.

Therefore, messages and names that really match your color preferences can add more fun to the game and set you apart from other players.

For people who run their private Minecraft servers, the server name color helps you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, more and more people may be interested in showing your server. At least the color makes things look pretty!

Chat Text Color

If you want to change the color of your Minecraft chat, you must use the color codes in the “Chat code” column in the table above. The Minecraft Chat color code is a combination of a section sign (§) and a hex number, which means any number between A- F, 0-9, or any number between the letters of the alphabet.

For example, §4 changes the text color to dark red, whereas §6 changes the text color to gold.

You can easily copy the cat color code from the table and use it to change the color of the cat text by adding the symbol in front of the text.

We say you want to send “Hi Mommy” in a dark green color. Just type “§2Hello World” (without quotation) and see the color change.

 MOTD Color In Minecraft

You can change the color of the day of the message configured on the server. But the MOTD color code is slightly different from the chat color code. Since server day is defined as today’s message, you need to replace sign§ with its corresponding code \u00A7.

Therefore, to change the color of MOTD, you must use the specified color \ u00A7 and hexa digit for the specific color. For MOTD codes just scan the above table.

Minecraft Formatting Codes

In addition to changing the text color, you can use the Minecraft formatting codes to customize the font style, such as strikethrough, bold, italic, and underlined.

The following table lists all the formatting codes in Minecraft.

DescriptionChat CodeMOTD Code
Reset Default§r\u00A7r

As you can see, Minicraft uses four text style formatting codes. These codes work in both chat text and MOTD text. The process of using Minecraft foramtting codes is similar to that of using Minecraft color codes.

To change the size of the chat text, you must place a section sign(§) + letter (l, m, n, o) before the chat text. Likewise, to format “Message of the Day”, you must add the letter u00A7 + letter (l, m, n, o) along with the text.

If you want to reset the text color or formatting, just use the command u00A7r or §r and the text format and color will change to the default.

Edit Server.properties & pack.mcmeta

If you have your own Minecraft server, you will need to modify Server.properties to create your Message of the Day (MOTD). Below in the line of code, you can find it anywhere at the bottom of your server.properties file.

CodeOfficial NameMOTD code
§1Dark Blue\u00A71
§2Dark Green\u00A72
§3Dark Aqua\u00A73
§4Dark Red\u00A74
§5Dark Purple\u00A75
§8Dark Gray\u00A78
§dLight Purple\u00A7d
\nExtra line\n
Minecraft Color Codes

Here you can edit the text and add a color icon or formatting icon. As seen above, you need to change the section sign (§) to “\ u00A7” and the rest of the process is the same.

Select the color code/format icon in the table below to use it on your server.

These color codes work perfectly with previous versions of Minecraft. You can also change the server names and common names colors using the icon to learn more.

To color the server name, you must go to the. Minecraft directory and open the server.file file in the NBT editor.

Now search for the NameAttribute attribute in this file and add a colorcode just before the name tag. The same can be done with the format code.

These symbols can also be used in language packs, but sometimes they do not display certain characters correctly.

Minecraft Color Codes Generator

With so many color codes and formatting codes, it gets tricky, especially when playing heavy fighting in miniature combat mode. With the help of this small tool, you can literally drop the color codes!

The Minecraft Color Code Generator helps you to create preset text and color with just a few clicks.

Players also Minecraft color code generator to test color codes and format codes without having to repeatedly send chat messages or edit server.properties.

How to Use the MC Color Codes Generator

The tool is easy to use with a simple user interface. The top of the tool is divided into two parts. On the left there are colored buttons for each color code, while on the right there are buttons for inserting formatting icons.

Just below the button section, you have a text field where you can enter chat / MOTD text. You can see a preview of the text directly next to the text field.

To create the desired symbol, click the color button (or the Format button) in the first section. Then add the required text to the text field. The preview will appear immediately.

Now you can copy color / formatted text icon in Minecraft. with ease.

Click here to access Minecraft color generator.

What other Colors can be changed in Minecraft?

For those who worked with Minecraft for the first few days, the idea of being able to change many colors makes you want to dive into the world for more adventure. If so, you will also need to know how you can change the wording of your game.

In addition to words and names, you can also change its color:

  • Patterns
  • Signs
  • fireworks
  • Armor

Needless to say, these are just some of the things you can do to change the icon. In the game, you can use different items to change the color of the family, banners, and much more!

Wrapping up Minecraft Color Codes

Don’t worry about the term “code”. Although the term can often be used alongside websites and video games to represent extensive extortion characters, and that’s what it is, these codes are simpler.

Simply follow the instructions here and your color will be great for chat messages, server names, world names, and more.

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