The game developer, Imagineer, has announced its latest project in collaboration with the famous Japanese brand, Sanrio. The said project is Miracle Match which is scheduled to come to Japan first. It is a PvP multiplayer game which features a ton of Sanrio characters and other interesting things.

The title of the game, Miracle Match, gives the impression that it might be a typical 3×3 match puzzle game. However, it is actually a 6×1 asymmetrical action game. It is a multiplayer game and gives off a very endearing vibe in general. Sanrio’s creativity of making it to this genre with such care is applaudable.

Another famous asymmetrical action game called Dead By Daylight may give us a totally different impression. In actuality, Miracle Match based the gameplay of this game around playing tag with their Sangrio friends. The players can either choose to be the Hunter or the Challenger. The Hunter is the tagger, that is, their role is to tag the players within a specific time frame. Meanwhile, the Challengers have to save themselves from being tagged by running away. This simple mechanics make it appear even more sweet to the outsiders.

Sanrio and the collaboration

Sanrio is the Japanese company that is home to famous plush toys like Hello Kitty, My Melody, and more. Their popularity has led them to branching out and expanding their dimensions like this. The game holds the interest of the gamers and its adorable theme with the famous plush toy characters add to the anticipation built around this game.

Miracle match is scheduled to launch in Japan in June. For the gamers in Japan, it is now open for pre-registration on Play Store and App Store. Many pre-registration rewards are up for grabs so make sure you pre-register it today!

Meanwhile, there hasn’t been any news on a global release yet but make sure you stay tuned to their website for further updates!

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