1 Make Pinatas

Making Pinatas is the best way to clear the levels. Making pinatas are manageable; you can follow these steps:

  1. Tap on four same-color candies; you will get a small pinata that will only blast candies horizontally.
  2. Tap on another four same color candies near the horizontal pinata, and it will turn into all direction pinata, which will blast candies from the vertical and horizontal directions.
  3. Make two all-direction pinatas next to each other, and you will get a purple pinata that will blast away all the candies.

Special Tip: Try to make pinatas around objectives to clear the level with minimum moves.

2 Use Special Skills

You will have limited moves when you get to higher levels. You will have higher chances of getting stuck, so there are some extra special skills like Hammer Booster (Destroys one object of your choice), Fan Booster (Shuffle the candies on board), and Candy Ball Booster (Blast Away surrounding sweets). Apart from these skills, each character also has skills that would let you have readymade pinatas on board during the start of the match.

3 Collect Rewards in M&M’S Adventure

After leveling up, you get the star pass. As it’s a new game, the star pass is currently free, so make sure to use the rewards correctly. You will get extra add ons etc., as tips as you level up, which would help you clear the levels. There are many storylines and adventures, and you must remove these levels to reach the end of the story.

M&M’S Adventure Tips

That’s all the tips and tricks I had for you; if you master these, I’m sure the game will be like a piece of cake for you. M&M is available in Google Play and Apps Store. There is another similar puzzle game which is Medieval Merge. Do share your gaming experience with me through the comments section below!

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