MU Origin 3, after a series of successful closed beta testing, is finally up for pre-registration for all Android and iOS users. Ready with the English version, MU Origin 3 is set to be released globally.

The fans have been really looking forward to MU Origin 3. This is because of the good reputation that is held by the preceding games of the series in the gaming arena. It has a very interesting storyline and fascinating visual effects.

The Story and Main Characters

MU Origin 3 by Webzen is an MMORPG mobile game. It is a continuation of the previous games in the series. It tells us the story of brave warriors who have set out on a journey to save the MU Empire from the dark forces. The game will have three main characters, namely, Black Knight, Warlock Wizard, and Fairy. Each one of them will have their own unique powers and will represent the iconic characters of the series.

Black Knight has high stamina and good power level. He is the descendent of Laurencia, the in-game kingdom, and aims to protect and defend his kingdom and the allies. Warlock Wizards have certain magical abilities that are moderated towards attacking. They are the descendants of the magic kingdom of Arka. The third main character is a fairy from the fairy kingdom, Noria. They use arrows, crossbows and bows to help her allies and it is their prime skill that they use to attack enemies.

More Features

MU Origin 3 will feature wings that will help the player to fly and scout to any location or area. Hence, upgrading one’s wings to Level 2 will even better this experience because it will help them gain expertise in perfect landing and gliding. The higher the upgradation of the wings, the better their flight speed and appearance will turn out to be. Players can even form clans. This teaming up will lead them to attack other clans and gain points from that. Moreover, they will get cooperation points for working well with other clan members and for working as a part of the team.

So, what are you waiting for? Go pre-register MU Origin 3 now! You can do it on Google Play or the game’s official website.

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