nes emulator for android
nes emulator for android

NES emulator is the need of hour. To help you get the best NES emulator we are listing the best NES emulator apps for android. All these NES emulators for android are working and mostly are free to use.

What is a NES Enulator?

NES emulator is a system that helps you play old games on your Android device. NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a kind of popular game.

The main function of this controller is to enable you to play this classic game. However, if you are old-fashioned and want to try these strange games, you can install the NES app from the Play Store.

Here are some useful and best NES emulator apps for Android that you can use and enjoy in free classic games.

16 Best Free NES Emulator Apps for Android

Here you will find 16 NES emulator apps for Android that will never disappoint you to enhance the classic gaming experience.

1. Nostalgia NES

nes emulator for android

Nostalgia NES is a very popular high-quality NES emulator app for Android. When you want to play the old classic game on a new Android device, Nostalgia NES is the best app for you.

This app is designed with a modern and easy to use interface that makes you always ready to play the game of your choice. This NES emulator app also has a pro version with some extra features.

Nostalgia NES has an auto save feature. You can easily customize your controls on this app. This NES emulator app for android also has WiFi contrller mode.

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2. NES.emu

nes emulator for android

NES.emu is a NES emulator app for android with many great features. This is open source software based on the FCEUX project. The app provides support for upload and save status, support for FDS files, and support for devices such as clouds and device drivers.

Also, the app works with FCEUX Safe Status from other platforms. This is a great solution if you want to switch between mobile phone and PC. This is a powerful emulator and an easy addition to this list.

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3. John Ness

nes emulator for android

John Ness is an easy to use and one of the best NES emulator for android devices. Using this NES emulator you can easily play Nintendo games on your phone.

This NES emulator is free to download. John NESS emulator comes with some exciting options such as fast forward and slow motion. You can also save your game progress and other data on cloud when using this emulator.

You can sync your game data to Dropbox using the John Data Sync plug-in, which allows you to access your secure files from multiple devices.

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4. EmuBox

nes emulator for android

Emubox is the latest and one of the best NES emulators in the market right now. It has emulators for Nintendo DS, PlayStation, SNES, GBA and GBC, in addition to SNES.

It supports basic tasks such as save and load states, plus some extras like fast forward, hardware driver support, and various performance settings.

This emulator app is easy to use and is one of the few emulators to support Material Design. You have to bring your ROM to the party, but other than that it’s a great emulator for android with very little hassle.

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5. Free NES Emulator

Free NES Emulator is an amazing and easy to use best NES emulator for android 2020. Use the Free NES Emulator and improve your gaming experience.

You can play all your favorite 80’s games on your new phone just with this app. There is a dedicated control system here, which is probably the best part about this app.

This NES emulator has a simple UI and better search engine. You can use this emulator with zipped ROM. Also, this emulator comes with many cheat codes that you can use to improve your gaming experience.

6. SNES Emulator

SNES Emulator is an amazimg NES emulator app for your Android device. This NES emulator supports many advanced features and has a simple system.

You can have complete control over your games and system. There is no risk of losing your game. You can easily save status and charging status. Another good thing is that you can find ROM on the device. This emulator is also compatible with many devices and games.

7. Super8Pro

Super8pro is a must have NES emulator for android devices. On this emulator you can quickly save or load a game by double-tapping certain areas of the screen.

The best thing about this emulator is that it is optimized for Android 9. However when you want to play a new game, you need to look for new ROMs.

If you have an Android TV, you can also play NES games on the big screen. Although a free version is available, it is worth investing a few extra dollars to remove the ads.

8. Snes9x Ex+

nes emulator for android

Snes9x Ex+ is probably the best NES emulator for android devices. It is compatible with almost all Android phones and tablets with 1.0 GHz and higher processors.

This is a very lightweight and easily accessible application for users. Manual integration of ROM and game files is introduced in the application.

Snes9x Ex+ It is a fully functional emulator with many premium features and is completely free to use. Users can save and transfer the game to the internal memory and SD card of their choice. The application offers options for finding game files for SD cards.

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9. Retro Arch

nes emulator for android

Retro Arch is a simple to use best NES Emulator for your android phone. You can mimic a ton of devices, and of course that includes the NES.

The covers open emulation for a specific console. So it does not run any game out of the box and requires some extra setup before running it. It works with a lot of consoles so it is not strictly an emulator but a framework for it.

The app is also completely free, open source, and you can get plenty of other kernels for other consoles. This is a great option if you don’t mind the extra work.

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10. Super NES Emulator

Super NES Emulator will bring back all your childhood gaming memories. It’s not a game to play, but it’s like a passport to play games on your Android device.

The tips for using this app are very simple and you will soon fall in love with it due to its simplicity and other great features.

You can play it on TV and projector as well as use it on phone and tablet. This NES emulator has fully customizable design and display.

11. Panda NES Emulator

Want to go back to the 90s and enjoy these classic games again? Then try Panda NES. This is another popular NES emulator app for your Android device which might be able to play this old but classic game on new and modern Android device. However, you will be happy to use it due to its user-friendly interface and responsiveness.

12. Kings Nes

If you are looking for a great NES emulator, Kings NES would be a good choice for you. The interface of this NES emulator is very easy to use. Anyone can easily understand all systems.

With this NES emulator you can play the best games. Dedicated keys are also available in this NES emulator. I am glad to know that you can save your game and not lose.

13. SuperRetro16

nes emulator for android

When it comes to emulators, Super Retro16 is the name that should come out on top. You will have a full console experience to use this emulator.

The user interface of this emulator is excellent, which makes it easy to use. With Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can create multiple networks. Another good development is the turbo mode.

Turbo mode will help you play games faster. The emulator gives you another kind of fun by incorporating cheat codes.

SuperRetro16 is compatible with all popular games and has tons of cheat codes. Using this NES emulator you can play games on your T.V.

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14. NES Retro Emulator

NES Retro emulator is a must have NES emulator. It is very popular to help you play foreign games on the latest Android device.

The simulation quality of this app is very satisfactory and guarantees the highest graphics. It even allows you to connect to Wi-Fi networks.

15 Super8Plus

nes emulator for android

Super8Plus is a NES compatible emulator for Android with an easy-to-use system. You don’t have to go through that much trouble to play this emulator.

You will experience flawless gameplay because there are no unwanted ads that annoy you. There are different video modes available on this emulator.

This emulator works on all android devices having Android 5 and above versions. Super8Plus has the quick save option. At a time 4 players can use these emulator using WiFi controller.

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16. CastNes

nes emulator for android

CastNes is another great NES emulator for android. This NES emulator app for Android can give you perfect control. The interface of the emulator is very simple. This NES emulator will work on any Android smartphone or tablet.

It is compatible with almost all NES games. Please note that this NES emulator does not include any games. You can browse and download the NES file and it will be added automatically to the emulator.

You will have a great gaming experience because the whole emulator system is very fast.

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These are the best 16 NES emulator apps for Android. These emulators are just as powerful as other emulators on play store. After going through the various emulators on NES, these three apps seem to be the best for me.

However, this does not mean that other applications are not worth our time. You can choose any of these apps and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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