New York Times has only recently taken ownership of Wordle. It paid a seven-figure sum to Josh Wardle for the ownership of this highly popular game. The covid-19 pandemic accelerated the popularity of this game as many people turned to gaming platform for entertainment.

Wordle is known to be the kind of puzzle game which is easy to learn yet very challenging for the new users. The game has everyone hooked as people constantly try perfecting the art of quick word-forming and word-guessing.

What is WordleBot?

WordleBot is the newly introduced tool by the New York Times. It will help improve the players’ Wordle skills by mathematically analysing their daily performance. It will also provide helpful feedback to the players. With different versions available online, it aims for the players to test their word skills.

By this point, WordleBot has become a daily part of everyone’s lives. With several versions out and high competition among the players, the newer players need some assistance getting the actual hang of the game. As a way to help people get started with Wordle, WordleBot enters the Wordle craze scenario. It aims to help the new users master the game with little confusion and efforts.

How will WordleBot help master Wordle

It should be used in the same browser so that it can easily capture the data and mathematically analyse it. The bot is wired to analyse it line by line, deciding and choosing words to find the correct answer in the fewest attempts possible. The bot will further provide the players with the final analysed statistics which they can use to better their game.

WordleBot also has the feature that ranks the players’ game on a scale of 1 to 99. These rankings will be based on the categories of luck and skill and will also provide them with helpful feedback about their every guess. It also provides comparative data by guessing and comparing the attempts through various metrics.

The New York Times have claimed that WordleBot has a good memory of 2,309 possible answers. It has had the most success with the word ‘crane’ on Normal Mode and ‘dealt’ on Hard mode so far.

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