Ninja Gear is more like a mecha Naruto-themed game. Although the storyline is completely different, the classes of power-ups and buffs are similar to Naruto. The story is about an era where humans and robots coexist until one day; the machines become human annihilating machines; only the secret organization ninja gear can stop them now. Do you have the guts to take these annihilators head-on? You will experience complex chain attacks with straightforward controls and mix and make different combinations of ninjutsu skills. Enhance your character and get yourself unique armors. More than 15 ninja playable characters. The levels keep upgrading, and enemies change as you level up, so you won’t be getting bored. Let’s begin with the tips and tricks of the ninja gear game:

Tip 1 Know the Controls

You don’t need to do anything much except move. You move your character by clicking the left and right buttons. When your chakra increases by killing enemies, you can use buffs that are present on top of the left-right buttons. The middle button allows you to launch a special attack; when it gets filled with chakra, it glows; you will only be able to use that skill.

Tip 2 Collect Coins in Ninja Gear

It would be best if you collected coins by completing quests or replaying the same levels because, through coins, you can upgrade ninjutsu and upgrade your character. The blue chips are pretty helpful, so don’t waste them uselessly. I would suggest you save them from unlocking the background scenes or characters. The better the feelings you have, the better firepower and attack. The epic levels are just way too outstanding; clearing levels would be easier if you get your hands on them. Make sure to open smart boxes to get rewards and fragments as well. From fragments also, you can unlock other ninjas, but it will take you ages.

Ninja Gear beginners guide

Tip 3 Play Strategically

Don’t just keep pressing the left-right button randomly; instead, play your moves more strategically if you want to survive and clear levels without spending a buck. Whenever you’re hitting the machine when there’s a red exclamation on top, run away from it and then move forward and hot again; this way, you will not lose hp. Next, make sure that you pick the right power-ups. I would suggest you keep at least one hp power up if you get 50 hp for 3 secs, then take it along with some other critical damage buffs. If you die, watch an ad to get revived, but if you die a second time, it’s game over. You don’t get full hp also, so be careful.

Ninja Gear pro tips

Ninja Gear is available on Google Play and App Store. Make sure to check out another action game: Epic Army Clash. I think the visuals are amazing, and as it’s just a beta test right now, I think they will include more stuff. It would be fantastic if they had more modes. What do you think?

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