Nova: Iron Galaxy by Palmas Games can now be pre-registered on Google Play Store and App Store. Good news for all Android and iOS users, this means that it will soon be available on all mobile gaming devices. Pre-registrations for this game have now been opened globally. It is a sci-fi strategy-based game. The basis of it is formed in space adventure and hence forms the essence of it.

In the vast and infinite space, the player’s space station will be their safe haven. The unpredictability and unending mystery of space may seem to appear very dark and dangerous. However, the setup of the game is such that it makes it enjoyable for the players to explore this very mystery and dive deeper into the adventure.

Gameplay and Expectations

There are a set of tasks and orders (Republican Orders) that the player has to complete. They have to set their strategies from time to time according to the need of the hour. Moreover, building a powerful space station will be the first crucial step in the game that will determine how further conquests go. So the player has to make sure that they design it well and effectively.

They will have the power to select the battleship blueprints and choose their battles. They can also form their own fleets with good assembling systems and required designs. Each choice has an effect on the outcome of the battles they fight in.

Nova Iron Galaxy Download Android

The in-game tragedy called Supernova Event left the Renney Sector in turmoil. The players need to form good and powerful intergalactic alliances for the sake of the Renney Sector’s future. They can send their fleets to explore the sector and the fleets will surely return with fascinating intergalactic stories.

Nobody knows the truth behind the Supernova Event. Can you find the truth behind it? Dive into the world of Nova: Iron Galaxy and experience things you have never experienced before! Don’t wait any longer and go pre-register it now!

Let us know how excited you are for this game in the comments section! Until then, stay tuned with us for further mobile gaming news and updates.

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