Ollar X Malice Unlimited Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough

Are you looking for Ollar X Malice Unlimited Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Ollar X Malice Unlimited Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the endings.

Collar X Malice Unlimited Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough – Best Ending

In the game you will find 3 endings.


  1. We can’t let this go
  2. Search his room
  3. Investigation:
    1. Kitchen
    2. Refrigerator
    3. Trash Can
    4. Entrance
    5. PC
  4. Neither
  5. Nobody ever lived here
  6. Save 1
  7. Run for the door

Chapter 1: Still Waters Run Deep

  1. I don’t!

Chapter 2: Every Coin has two sides

  1. Let me spoil you more.
  2. That’s his decision.

Chapter 3: Life is what you make it

  1. You’re right, it’s not enough.
  2. I want you to marry me.

Chapter 4: Happiness dependes upon Ourselves

  1. Save 2
  2. Please come to the wedding.
  3. Go see him

Bad Ending

  1. Load Save 1
  2. Stay put
  3. Aiji Yanagi Normal Ending

Normal Ending

  1. Load Save 2
  2. N-Not yet!
  3. Don’t go see him


Well, now that you have the Ollar X Malice Unlimited Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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