1 Learn From Scratch

I’ve told you this for every game, but I will repeat it. First, learn the basics of this game. This game is like an art; the more you lose yourself in the game, the better you get at it. In the game, you only have one heart which is your HP. The more damage you take, the lesser the HP. Once you lose all hp, it’s game over for you. Now it’s up to you how you will manipulate the game. Because your opponent will also fear losing, you must use your pawns wisely to instigate fear in them, take control of the panic point, and then attack the enemy’s heart. Every map has multiple panic points, and after every round, the player with maximum panic points will be able to inflict damage on the enemy’s heart,

  • One panic point: 200 HP
  • 2 Panic Points: 400 HP
  • 3 Panic Points: 600 HP

Make sure to move your phobie around after capturing a panic point, it won’t get deactivated, but the enemy may capture it if you stay still. Some of the things that you can use during battles and become a pro are:

2 Make Your Strategy

There are several maps in the game, and some maps are either big or small; you never know which one you’ll get. If there’s a more extensive map, panic points will be far from the initial spawn. Also, make sure that you have all kinds of phobies to take advantage of their abilities on the battlefield. I highly recommend you to start with a ranged phobia which has a comprehensive area coverage like Murder Wing or Jar cannon or something like Cowbell. After placing them try to get the panic points quickly; once you think you have the winning hand, then charge for the enemy’s heart directly. It’s helpful to have multiple cheap phobies because you can deploy them to overwhelm your enemy. Once the enemy loses their calm, they will make mistakes, and you can use that to your advantage.

Special Tip:

  • Scan your environment, and look if you have any “key points” around. If you find healing spas, then use them to your advantage but be careful some tiles have mud fire, etc. which can damage your phobies instead.
  • Do not try to finish the game quickly; that’s the worst mistake. You do have an “undo button” present on the bottom left corner of the screen. Try to combine and make your special attacks and experiment with your phobies to understand the gaming mechanics. You can do this in practice mode too. Once you’re sure enough, only then submit your moves, don’t just randomly play but play strategically.

3 Know Your Phobies’ Unit Stats

Like in most strategic games, you need to learn about the character’s pros and cons; similarly, you need to do the same here. Phobies have some pros and cons too. For example, mechanical phobies will never get poisoned, so it’s a waste to use poison.

Some everyday things you must know:

  • Undead– Takes 40# of HP from enemies (but they cannot heal themselves but only steal life)
  • Mechanical– Cannot be poisoned and can produce electrical damage.
  • Dimensional – They take 50% more poison/disease damage. They can attack and pull the enemy to one tile if killed.
  • Monster– They don’t have any additional effects

You can check a specific unit’s trait by simply clicking on the unit’s small profile icon, which is located at the bottom side of the screen.

4 Collect Fearsome Phobies

You can overpower your opponents by unlocking and upgrading deadly phobies. You can win any battle if you have the right deck of phobies in your hand. Try to get your hands on Ultra rare phobies for more exciting matches.

Phobies Game beginners guide

5 Upgrade Your Phobies

Upgrading phobies is expensive, so I advise you to upgrade the most used or powerful phobies only. Don’t even try to upgrade all of them. Don’t focus on rarity but more on diversity.

  • Upgrade 2-3 ranged phobies
  • Next upgrade mid-ranged ones (2-3)
  • Then try to upgrade the ones with unique abilities and rare phobies

6 Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • Play challenges
  • Recheck and replay battle logs to learn from them
  • Increase stress level by playing and upgrading
  • Save your coffee for the shiny dreadful pack if possible. But it’s worth the wait, trust me. You will get 53k XP with 377 upgraded cards, 36 rare, and 25 ultra-rare. Amazing right? Or you can also get seven days 50% Boost Pack, which is okayish to buy.
  • For free coffee, use the referral code:d9234f15a85c5a93. If you have more, do share with me through the comments section below.
Phobies Game Tips and tricks

This game is undoubtedly exciting, and I think every strategic gamer should try this at least once the game is available on Google Play and App Store. If you like strategic games, then check out: Legion Lands. Also, don’t forget to share your phobies experience with me through the comments section below.

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