PUBG: New State is a sequel to PUBG Mobile. Released on November 11th, 2021, the futuristic multiplayer mobile online battle royal has nothing similar to PUbg. All the maps in the New State are based on 2051. With high techs and mesmerizing graphics, the game has grapes interest of over 20 million players. It was titled number one in the category of games on Goggle Playstore in over 165 countries. PUBG New State has two battle maps, one training ground, and one Team Deathmatch. The two battlefield includes Erangel 2051 and Troi. 

Troi is a vast map including 3 islands- one large and 2 two small islands. It is an 8x8km map and all the islands are connected to each other via different bridges. The Futuristic map has 22 locations to choose from. Every location has a decent amount of loot. In those 22 locations, some stand out to players. Where they tend to drop in order to collect more finish points, such locations are known as hot drops. The hot drops contain a large amount of loot compared to any other locations. And among the remaining, there are also some camp locations known as camping spots. In this article, we are going to talk about hot drops and camping spots on the Troi map of PUBG: New State.

Tip#1- Hot Drop: Mall

As the name suggests, there is actually a non-functional mall on the map. There are two whole buildings in the Mall location where one is the mall and the other is a normal building. The mall consists of shops, a rooftop, and also an escalator that is functional. The shops provide loot as well as a spot to hide and camp. With a rooftop, players can land first and take weapons in order to survive more. A function escalator makes the game more intense; if the wrong set is chosen it can decrease your speed.

Tip#2- Hot Drop- Exhibit Hall

The location consists of a small hill and two towns. The main attraction of the locations is two different yet unique vehicles available on the spot. One is the Nova, an fast electric car with two seats and the other one is the Lighting which is an electric bike. The towns have many buildings where anyone can find an abundance of loot. A minimum of three squads can have a proper loot in this area. The hill plays a great role in the third party. If any squad is interested in distance fight and free kill; the hill is their spot. 

Tip#3-Hot Drop- Trailer Park

Located in the north corner of the map is Trailer Park. As the name suggests the place is filled with parks and trailers. Trailers can be the hot spot for bike lovers as this place has the fastest bike in the New State; the Vulture. With loot scattered all around the place may it be in the park or inside the building, the clashing of the different squads can be spectated from the beginning of the match. 

PUBG New state tips

Tip#4: Camping spot: City Hall

Located at the bottom of the island is the city hall. It has shops and houses in the middle of the spot whereas it is surrounded by statues, broken cars, and tents. This can be a great camping spot with a good amount of loot in the hall. Being connected to every other part of the map, the spot can be useful for the noobs or such players who avoid an early fight.

Tip#5: Camping spot: Lab

 Situated on the top right of the Troi map is the Lab. It is a huge building that stands tall and has many levels. With an automatic door and only one way to enter, the camping squad can have the upper hand in a fight. The entrance door even has an alarm set off when an intruder enters the building. The spot has a parking lot that has some electric vehicles. The vehicle can be used to make rotations on the map or when there are too many players to survive in the location.

PUBG New State camp places tips

PUBG: New State is a vast map with easy availability of vehicles in the very location of the map. The location mentioned is the most used location by the users of the game. May it be a hot drop or a camping location the main aim of the game is to survive and get as many finish points as possible. 

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