After Krafton gained its popularity through PUBG Mobile, it focused on building a more enhanced new version with improved graphics and a smooth gaming experience. On November 11, 2021, the game was released worldwide. It is an action genre game that basically focuses on teamwork, strategies, courage, and composure which may help you to win the game.

PUBG: New State game is packed with various different types of maps, equipment, training ground, and various other facilities which keep you hooked. Call up your friend from a squad and start your journey to become a pro player and ace through the games. But if you are a new player and want to upgrade your playing skills then there are some tips that can help you ace it.

Tip#1 Understand the map thoroughly

Sometimes we fail to understand the map, that is we cannot figure out the right place for us(squad) to land according to our team’s needs. For example, if your squad loves rush gameplay, you land on the spot that is known as a hot drop or the places near the plane route that have a cluster of houses giving you a hiding spot as well as loot to kill your opponent and helps to increase your defeated ratio, thus earring more number of kills in the starting of the map. Therefore, it is very much needed to go through the map and understand the map thoroughly which is going to help you learn and make strategies accordingly. So, the first basic step will be to acknowledge the map and make strategies based on it.

Tip#2 Adjust the sensitivity of every gun

By default, each gun comes with its own sensitivity which may not be compatible with your needs. Then you can adjust each gun’s sensitivity according to your need based on the amount of recoil you can handle or the scope you are using. You can practice with different guns using the different scopes to understand your area of expertise and adjust strategies according to it.

Tip#3 Improve your crosshair placements

In PUBG: New state, placing your crosshair and improving its position is very crucial. The more perfect your crosshair placement is the more perfect your shots/damage will be. It can be a bit tough to perfect your crosshair placement with all the gyroscope and sensitivity of your gun but if you get the hang of it once then no one can stop you from reaching your perfect shot

Pubg Mobile beginners guide

Tip#4 Strategies according to the situation

It is of prime importance that you use your witty strategies in the time of need such as when you see some team rushing on you can plant a bomb at the entrance or call your friend who is far away to attack them. Similarly, if you see an enemy on a higher ridge you can scout and attack them, or in the last zone be as calm as a snake and attack only when needed. 

Tip#5 Playing as a team

PUBG: New State comes with many modes- solo, duo, and squad. Playing solo can be easy and it can be helpful sometimes to polish your skills. But while playing duo and squad there is a need to work as a team, to coordinate and collaborate your skills so that you get an upper hand against your enemies. In a team, all players are assigned different roles such as assaulter, sniper, healer, and most importantly, an IGL(in-game leader). It is essential to listen to the call of the IGL and stick to the plan so that you can rush in when needed, be a camper, and help the sniper get his perfect headshot. 

PUBG New State tips and tricks

These tips and tricks will help you ameliorate your gameplay. These are the basic tips and tricks to help you ace a match. Every match gives you a new experience to make you a better gamer.

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