Puzzle Adventure: Mystery Clue: Haven’t heard about an adventurous puzzle game ever? This game is full of unique puzzles and logic riddles. You will get to find hidden magical artifacts, treasures, and crystals; that’s not the end of it; there’s also a world of supernatural entities and hidden enchanted objects. You will unravel more spooky mysteries and escape from monsters as you keep clearing the levels. Do you have abilities like that of a sherlock? Show your clairvoyant powers by solving puzzles connected to unique stories and characters in the game.

Tip 1 Learn the Basics

Even though the control is really easy, you must learn the basics from tutorials. Never skip these parts as they play a very important role in clearing the levels. You can tap and move your characters, open things, break stuff, etc. These small moves will help you clear the decks. To move around, you tap anywhere on the screen; breaking objects is also easy; just double-tap, and to move things, when you tap it, it will show green like tiles which means only within these tiles you can move the box/stuffs around.

Tip 2 Keep Exploring in Puzzle Adventure: Mystery Clue

See, you cannot solve any mysteries without exploring the clues. In any mystery game or movie, you must have seen that the characters first try to find the clues that connect them, and when they finally get the answer or solve the mystery. So do not just try to clear the levels quickly but rather enjoy it and go through the stories. Try to unlock doors, explore rooms and check out new places instead of standing still. Go the extra mile to see if there are any additional add-ons available. You can also purchase in-game items; they can be quite a handful.

Tip 3 See the Objectives

Do not play blindly, but see the objective of the level. Suppose it says you need to get rid of water. Look around and see what the available things to get rid of water are; look for clues. The first few levels would be easy, but as you go further, it will keep getting more difficult, so you must find a way to solve these. Also, make sure to earn exps, try to solve mysteries in a way that others won’t be able to, make your unique solution, and earn more stars and gold.

Puzzle Adventure beginners Guide

Puzzle Adventure: Mystery Clue is available on Google Play; only the iOS version is not available, yet I hope it gets an iOS version because it is a very interesting and engaging game. That’s pretty much it for a beginner to get started. This guide, I hope, gives you a comprehensive insight into the things that you must do. If you have any more suggestions, do feel free to drop them in the comments section below also; you might check out another similar game: M&M’S Adventure.

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