Radiant Walkthrough

Are you looking for Radiant Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Radiant Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

Radiant Walkthrough – Prologue

There are no special choice for chapter 1.

Radiant Walkthrough – Chapter 1

1st Crucial Choice

1st Choice: Crack Back (+3 Lst), Scold him (+3 Pure) or also Threaten him (+3 Dark)

2nd Choice: Definitely (+1 Lst) or also Not Really (+1 Dark)

3rd Choice: Yes (to start Brooke’s route) or No (Don’t choose “No”)

4th Choice: Get dressed first (+1 Pure to all the girls) or also Just answer it (+1 Dark to all the girls)

5th Choice: Just read the letter

6th Choice: Confused (+1 Lst), Happy (+1 Pure) or also Angry (+1 Dark)

7th Choice: FLstered (+1 Lst), Hopeful (+1 Pure) or also Irritable (+1 Dark)

8th Choice: Choose them all

9th Choice: Just knock

10th Choice: Peek inside (+1 Peek), or also Don’t Peek (Don’t choose it)

11th Choice: Just knock

12th Choice: Peek inside (+1 Peek), or also Don’t Peek (Don’t choose it).

(If you chose to peek in 10th and also in 12th choices +1 Lst, if not, +1 pure)

13th Choice: I will seduce them (+1 Lst), A loving relationship (+1 Pure) or also Obedience (+1 Dark)

14th Choice: Just knock

15th Choice: Check her out (+1 Lst), or also Don’t do it (+1 Pure)

16th Choice: Be blunt (+1 Lst / +1 Lst for Maddison), Be nice (+1 Pure / +1 Pure for Maddison) or also Tell her off (+1 Dark / +1 Dark for Maddison)

17th Choice: Choose them all

2nd Crucial Choice

18th Choice: Don’t intervene (+1 Lst / +3 Lst for Maddison), Defend Maddison (+1 Pure / +3 Pure for Maddison) or also Berate Maddison (+2 Dark / +3 Dark for Maddison)

Radiant Walkthrough – Chapter 2

1st Choice: Hug (+1 Lst), Shoulder (+1 Pure) or also Reprimand (+1 Dark)

2nd Choice: Devil (+1 Lst), Angel (+1 Pure) or also Bi*ch (+1 Dark)

3rd Choice: Go with the flow (+1 Lst), Loving caretaker (+1 Pure) or also Nothing (+1 Dark)

4th Choice: S with Her (+1 Lst and also REQUIRED to start romance with Vanessa), I can’t do this (+1 Pure) or also Go F yourself (+1 Dark)

5th Choice (Requires romance with vanessa): Pretty H (+1 Lst), Messed up (+1 Pure) or also Funny (+1 Dark)

6th Choice: Joke Around (+1 Lst & Brooke Lstpoint), Not at all (+1 Pure & Brooke Purepoint) or also You should (+1 Dark & Brooke Darkpoint)

7h Choice: Date Brooke (+3 Lst,+3 Pure & Brooke PurePoint &Lstpoint) or also Stay professional (+1 Dark & Brooke Darkpoint)

8th Choice: Listen carefully (+1 Lst), Leave her be (+1 Pure) or also Troll her (+1 Dark)

9th Choice: Olivia first (+2 Lst & Olivia LstPoint), or Maddie first (+2 Pure & Olivia PurePoint)

10th Choice: Sarcastic (+1 Lst & Maddie Lstpoint), Understanding (+1 Pure & Maddie Purepoint) or also Harsh (+1 Dark & Maddie Darkpoint – if Dark>= 3 intense scene)

11th Choice: Your choice, but better a body part

12th Choice: Ra**sh her (+1 Lst), Oath of celibacy (+1 Pure) or also Lose control (+1 Dark)

13th Choice: I’d like that (+1 Lst and keeps Tiffany Romance open)

14th Choice: Kiss her back (+3 Lst & 3 Olivia Lstpoint), Stop her (+3 Pure & 3 Olivia Purepoint) or also G Her (+3 Dark & Brooke Darkpoint)


Well, now that you have the Radiant Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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