Raft Recipes Cooking And Crafting

Our Raft Recipes Cooking And Crafting gives you the perfect list of ingredients to make the ultimate recipe. Just use the Raft Recipes Cooking And Crafting to create the best recipe.

Raft Recipes Cooking And Crafting

Below is the best recipe guide for you to use in the game.

Raft Recipes – Crafting Materials

Bolt Recipe

  • Uses of a Bolt: CookigPot(1), Scrap Hook(1), Metal Spear(1), Metal Axe(1), Basic Bow(1), Metal Fishing Rod(1), Net Launcher(1), Binoculars(1), Shovel(1), Antenna(1), and also Clock(1).
  • How to craft a Bolt? from a Metal Ingot

Bottle Recipe

  • Uses of a Bottle: Oxygen Bottle(1), and alsoBinoculars(2)
  • How to craft a Bottle? Plastic(6) and also Vine Goo(4).

Circuit Board Recipe

  • Uses of a Circuit Board: Receiver(2), and also Antenna(1)
  • How to craft a Circuit Board? Plastic(8), Copper Ingot(2) and also Vine Goo(1).

Clay Recipe

  • Uses of a Clay: Claybowl x4(2), Healing Salve(1), and also Wet Brick(2)
  • How to craft a Clay? Harvest it (seafloor) with a hook

Cooper Recipe

  • Uses of a Cooper: Copper Ingot (smelter)
  • How to craft a Cooper? Harvest it (seafloor) with a hook

Cooper Ignot Recipe

  • Uses of a Cooper Ignot: Circuit Board(2), and also Battery(1)
  • How to craft a Cooper Ignot? Copper Ore in a Smelter

Dirt Recipe

  • Uses of a Dirt: Grass Plot(2)
  • How to craft a Dirt? Harvest it with a shovel

Dry Brick Recipe

  • Uses of a Dry Brick: Grass Plot(2)
  • How to craft a Dry Brick? Wet Brick with 2 Sand and 2 Clay then put it on the floor

Egg Recipe

  • Uses of a Egg: Healing Salve(2)
  • How to craft a Egg? tame a Clucker

Explosive Goo Recipe

  • Uses of a Explosive Goo: Explosive
  • How to craft a Explosive Goo? kill a Puffer-Fish

Explosive Powder Recipe

  • Uses of a Explosive Powder: Net Canister(1)
  • How to craft a Explosive Powder? Explosive Goo in a smelter

Feather Recipe

  • Uses of a Feather: Hammock(8), Metal Arrow x6(6), and also Paint Brush(3)
  • How to craft a Feather? Kill a seagull

Giant Clam Recipe

  • Uses of a Giant Clam: Birds Nest(1)
  • How to craft a Giant Clam? Pick it (seafloor)

Glass Recipe

  • Uses of a Glass: Advanced Purifier(4), Binoculars(4)
  • How to craft a Glass? Sand in smelter

Hinge Recipe

  • Uses of a Hinge: Leather Helmet(4), Leather Body Armor(8), Leather Greaves(5), and also Backpack(4).
  • How to craft a Hinge? Kill a Warthog

Metal Ore Recipe

  • Uses of a Metal Ore: Metal Ingot in Smelter
  • How to craft a Metal Ore? Harvest it with a hook

Metal Ignot Recipe

  • Uses of a Metal Ignot: Advanced Grill(2), Cooking Pot(2), Metal Spear(2), Metal Arrow x6(1), Net Launcher(1), Shear(1), Shovel(1), Bolt(1), Hinge(1), and also Stationary Anchor(3)
  • How to craft a Metal Ignot? Metal Ore in a Smelter

Nail Recipe

  • Uses of a Nail: Foundation Armor(2), Wooden Pillar(2), Half Wooden Pillar(1), Wooden Door(3), Thatch Door(3), Wooden Gate(2), Thatch Gate(2), Stair(3), Half Stair(1), Ladder(2).
    Needed to craft : Advanced Grill(6), Large Crop Plot(6), Scarecrow(3), Simple Bed(3), Hammock(6), Smelter(6), Collection Net(2), Streamer(3), Calendar(2), Sign x2(2), Small Trophy Board(2), Medium Trophy Board(3), and also Large Trophy Board(3)
  • How to craft a Nail? 2 Scrap for 3 Nail

Palm Recipe

  • Uses of a Palm: Thatch Roof(3), Thatch Roof Corner(3), Triangular Thatch Wall(2), Thatch Wall(3), Half Thatch Wall(2), Thatch Window(2), Thatch Door(3), Thatch Gate(2).
    Needed to craft : Simple Purifier(6), Scarecrow(3), Simple Bed(10), Hammock(12), Birds Nest(6), Rope(2), Sail(20), Chair(3), and also Rug(8).
  • How to craft a Palm? Nets on your raft

Plank Recipe

  • Uses of a Plank: Simple Purifier, Simple Grill, Advanced Grill, Cookigpot, and also Smelter
  • How to craft a Plank? Nets on your raft

Plastic Recipe

  • Uses of a Plastic: Foundation(2), Triangular Foundation(1), Empty Cup(4), Empty Bottle(6), Simple Purifier(4), Advanced Purifier(6), Cookingpot(6), Grass Plot(4), Scarecrow(3), Simple Bed(4), Small Storage(8), Oxygen Bottle(8), Flippers(6), Circuit Board(1), Battery(6), Receiver(6), Clock(3), Shelf(2), and also Table(4)
  • How to craft a Plastic? Nets on your raft

Rope Recipe

  • Uses of a Rope: Rope Fence(2).
    Needed to craft : Bucket(1), Simple Grill(3), Advanced Grill(2), Small Crop Plot(4), Large Crop Plot(4), Collection Net(8), Small Storage(2), Storage(4), Building Hammer(2), Scrap Hook(2), Wooden Spear(3), Metal Spear(2), Stone Axe(2), Metal Axe(4), Basic Bow(4), Fishing Rod(8), Metal Fishing Rod(8), Net Canister(4), Paddle(2), Paint Brush(2), Binoculars(4), Shark Bait(2), Oxygen Bottle(4), Flippers(4), Backpack(4), Throwable Anchor(4), Stationary Anchor(6), Streamer(3), and also Paint Mill(3), Rug(4).
  • How to craft a Rope? 2 Palm Leaf for 1 Rope

Sand Recipe

  • Uses of a Sand: Glass in smelter
  • How to craft a Sand? Hook to harvest it

Scrap Recipe

  • Uses of a Scrap: Bucket(1), Simple Grill(1), Medium Crop Plot(4), Smelter(4), Research Table(2), Small Storage(1), Storage(3), Scrap Hook(6), Metal Axe(2), Metal Fishing Rod(3), Net Launcher(2), Shear(2), Nail x3(2), Battery(3), Sail(3), Antenna(4), Clock(4), Lantern(4), and also Paint Mill(6)
  • How to craft a Scrap? Hook to harvest it

Seaweed Recipe

  • Uses of a Seaweed: Vine Goo in smelter and also flippers (6)
  • How to craft a Seaweed? Green plants

Stone Recipe

  • Uses of a Stone: Stone Axe(3), Stone Arrow x6(3), Net Canister(4), and also Throwable Anchor(4)
  • How to craft a Stone? Hook to harvest it

Vine Goo Recipe

  • Uses of a Vine Goo: Empty Bottle(4), CookingPot(4), Basic Bow(2), Oxygen Bottle(5), Flippers(5), and also Circuit Board(1)
  • How to craft a Vine Goo? Seaweed in a Smelter

Wool Recipe

  • Uses of a Wool: Leather Helmet(2), Leather Body Armor(4), Leather Greaves(5), and also Backpack(6)
  • How to craft a Wool? tamed Llama

Raft Recipes – Tools

  • Stone Axe / Metal Axe: lank(6), Stone(3), Rope(2) / Plank(8), Rope(4), Scrap(2), and also Bolt(1)
  • Shovel: Metal Ingot(1), Bolt(1), and also Plank(6
  • Shear: Metal Ingot(1), Hinge(1), and also Scrap(2
  • Shark Bait: Rope(2), ad also Raw Herring/Raw Pomfret(2)
  • Plastic Hook / Scrap Hook: Plank(1), Plastic(2) / Scrap(6), Rope(2), Plank(4), and also Bolt(1)
  • Paint Brush: Feather(3), Plank(4), and also Rope(2)
  • Paddle: Plank(4), Plastic(6), and also Rope(2)
  • Net Launcher / Net Canister: Scrap(2), Plastic(4), Metal Ingot(1), Bolt(2) / Explosive Powder(1), Stone(4), and also Rope(4)
  • Healing Salve: Egg(2), and also Clay(1)
  • Fishing Rod / Metal Fishing Rod: Plank(6), Rope(8) / Scrap(3), Bolt(1), and also Rope(8)
  • Building Hammer: Plank(4), and also Rope(2)
  • Binoculars: Empty Bottle(2), Bolt(1), Glass(4), and also Rope(4)

Raft Recipes – Weapons

  • Wooden Spear / Metal Spear: Plank(8), Rope(3) / Plank(6), Rope(2), Metal Ingot(2), Bolt(1)
  • Stone: Harvest it (seafloor)
  • Basic Bow + Stone Arrows / Metal Arrows: Plank(6), Rope(4), Vine Goo(2), Bolt(1) + Plank(3), Stone(3), Plastic(6) [cost for 6 stone arrows] / Plank(3), Metal Ingot(1), Feather(6)

Raft Recipes – Gear

  • Oxygen Bottle: Plastic(8), Rope(4), Empty Bottle(1), and also Vine Goo(5)
  • LeatherBody Armor : Leather(8), and also Wool(4)
  • Leather Helmet : Leather(4), and also Wool(2)
  • Leather Greaves : Leather(5), and also Wool(3)
  • Headlight : Battery(1), Rope(2), and also Scrap(2)
  • Flippers : Plastic(6), Seaweed(6), Vine Goo(5), and also Rope(4)
  • Backpack : Leather(4), Rope(4), and also Wool(6)

Raft Recipes – Food & Water

  • Sprinkler: Plastic(12), Scrap(2), Bolt(2), and also Circuit Board(1)
  • Small Crop Plot : Plank(6), Rope(4)
  • Simple Purifier : Plank(6), Palm Leaf(6), Plastic(4)
  • Simple Grill : Plank(6), Scrap(1), and also Rope(3)
  • Scarecrow : Plank(5), Palm Leaf(3), Nail(3), and also Plastic(3)
  • Medium Crop Plot : Plank(8), Scrap(4)
  • LargeCrop Plot : Plank(10), Rope(4), Nail(6), Hinge(1)
  • Grassplot: Dirt(2), Plank(6), and also Plastic(4)
  • Cookingpot : Plank(6), Plastic(6), Metal Ingot(2), Vine Goo(4), and also Bolt(1)
  • Advanced Purifier : / Plank(8), Plastic(6), Glass(4)

Raft Recipes – Navigation

  • Throwable Anchor : plank(2), Rope(4), and also stone(4)
  • Streamer : Plank(6), Rope(3), and also Nail(3)
  • Steering Wheel : Scrap(10), Metal Ingot(4), Rope(4), and also Bolt/Hinge(2)
  • Stationary Anchor : Plank(10), Rope(6), Metal Ingot(3), and also Hinge(1)
  • Sail : Plank(10), Palm Leaf(20), and also Scrap(3)
  • Receiver : Plank(8), Plastic(6), Circuit Board(2), and also Hinge(1)
  • Pipe : Scrap(4) for 2
  • Engine : Metal Ingot(5), Rope(5), Circuit Board(1), and also Plank(20)
  • Biofuel Tank : Plastic(25), Plank(10), Scrap(6), and also Bolt(2)
  • Biofuel Refiner : Plastic(12), Plank(10), Rope(4), and also Bolt/Hinge(1)
  • Antenna : Scrap(4), Circuit Board(1), and also Bolt(1)

Raft Recipes – Others

  • Storage :  Plank(8), Scrap(3), Rope(4), and also Hinge(1)
  • Smelter : Plank(6), Rope(3), Nail(3), and also Dry Bricks(6)
  • Small Storage : Plastic(8), Scrap(1), and also Rope(2
  • Simple Bed : Palm Leaf(10), Plank(6), Plastic(4), Nail(3
  • Research Table : Plank(14), and also Scrap(2)
  • Paint Mill : Plank(6), Scrap(6), Rope(3), and also Stone(2)
  • Lantern : Plank(6), and also Scrap(4)
  • Hammock : Plank(10), Palm Leaf(12), Feather(8), Nail(6)
  • Collection Net : Plank(6), Rope(8), and also Nail(2)
  • Clock : Plank(8), Plastic(3), Scrap(4), and also Bolt(1)
  • Calendar : Nail(2), and also Plank(2)
  • Birds Nest : Palm Leaf(6), Plank(6), and also Giant Clam(1)

Raft Recipes – Cooking

Simple Fish Stew Recipe

  • Recipe: Potatoe/Beet x2, and also Raw Herring/Raw Pomfret x2
  • Effect: +Hunger

Vegetable Soup Recipe

  • Recipe: Potato/Beet x4
  • Effect: +Hunger

Salmon Salad Recipe

  • Recipe: Pineapple/Mango x2, Raw Salmon x1, and also Silver Algae x1
  • Effect: +Hunger

Fruit Compot Recipe

  • Effect: +Hunger, als +Thirst
  • Recipe: Pineapple x1, Mango x1, Watermelon x1, and also Red Berries x1

Head Broth Recipe

  • Effect: +Hunger
  • Recipe: Potato/Beet x1, Puffer-Fish Head x2, and also Bucket of Milk x1

Catfish Deluxe Recipe

  • Effect: +Hunger
  • Recipe: Potato/Beet x2, Raw Catfish x1, and also Cave Mushroom x1

Coconut Chicken Recipe

  • Effect: +Hunger
  • Recipe: Raw Drumstick x2, Coconut x1, and also Cave Mushroom x1

Mushroom Omelette Recipe

  • Effect: +Hunger
  • Recipe: Potato x1, Egg x2, and also Cave Mushroom x1

Drumstick with Jam Recipe

  • Effect: +Hunger
  • Recipe: Raw Drumstick x2, and also Red Berries x2

Fish Stew  Recipe

  • Effect: +Hunger
  • Recipe: Raw Tilapia/Raw Mackerel x2, Egg x1, and also Bucket of Milk x1

Shark Dinner Recipe

  • Effect: +Hunger
  • Recipe: Raw SharkMeat x2, Cave Mushroom x1, and also Silver Algae x1


I hope that our Raft Recipes Cooking And Crafting will help you to create the perfect recipe. Let us know in comment section if you need recipe guide for any other game.

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