Retro Bowl: Who doesn’t love American football? I mean, it’s the perfect game to watch and play on your smartphone as well. The retro-style pixelated graphics is sure to win your heart. The simple roster management duties, including press, handling personalities, etc., can be interesting. But the question here is, are you ready to make it to the top and win the ultimate championship of the retro bowl? This beginner’s guide will give you an overall idea of how you should play the game.

Tip 1 Know the Basics

See, the basics are really simple, but you don’t get the option to replay tutorials (at least that that’s what I think), So here I’ve tried to cover all the basics of controls and menus that you need to know to level up your gameplay:

  • Front office: You can upgrade facilities and staff; you can check the useful information about players by clicking on the I button on the screen located at the top right corner
  • Passing: Drag your finger in the opposite directions of the runner to aim, release to throw the ball.
  • Sidestep: To sidestep, swipe up or down while running.
  • Dive: Swipe forward to dive
  • Kicking: You will get a bar on top of the screen; make sure to tap when it’s green, then tap when the arrow points to the goal

Tip 2 How to Improve Gameplay in Retro Bowl

Like any sports game, it’s not easy to just run and shoot the ball. You will need tactics and plans to win the matches. Although the first 2-to to three games will be easy, you need to learn quickly or start losing the games. Some tips that you can use in games are:

  • Try to run away from the crowd.
  • Analyze the whole screen and see if any of your players are without a guard or have the possibility for a touchdown
  • Keep running when you have the ball and sidestep only when there are people in front of you; you will get slowed down if you keep doing it. I know it sounds tough, right? But you will get the hang of it once you play 5-6 matches.
  • Also, when you get the option to kick the goal; take the chances always because that’s the winning turn.

Tip 3 Look out for Your Team

You can always recruit new and better players, but you can also improve the existing players. Check and keep track of players player’s details and attributes. Keep an eye on morale and condition because poor morale will lead to game penalties and similar difficulties. The low condition will lead to injuries and bad gameplay.

Retro Bowl guide

That’s all the tips and tricks I’ve got to share for people who are struggling with the gaming mechanics. I can understand your frustration, but it gets interesting once you get the hang of it. Retro Bowl is available on Google Play and the App Store. Feel free to drop suggestions below and check another similar retro sports game: Retro Goal.

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