We all have heard about the Rival sports franchise. Now they are back with an all brand new game that challenges the players to run their own horse racing farm. Here you have to breed your own horses and you have to race with them yourself in a variety of different competitions. So, today in this guide we have decided to give you all very helpful Rival Stars Horse Racing tips in this guide. With the help of all those tips in this guide, it can help you to run the best farm which you imagine.

Tip: 1 – Always Pay Attention to Your Horse

Remember that horses have a variety of different strengths and weaknesses. Therefore you need to have a much better time if you pay attention to these. Always remember to Keep an eye on their stats and play accordingly. Never try and force your horse to race in a manner they aren’t comfortable with. By keeping your horse in a comfortable position you always going to have a great plus point.

Tip: 2 – Remember That The Breed Horses Were Offset Weaknesses:

Here you can create your own super horses using the power of breeding. Here if the player has an insanely fast horse that tires quickly, breed it with a horse that has a lot of stamina. The baby horse should then inherit both traits of its parents, which will put you in good stead for future races.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Guide

Tip: 3 – Save Your Sprint For The Final Straight:

So, our next tip is, Don’t waste your sprint at the start of a race unless you’re confident that you can gain it back before the final straight. From my experience, I can tell you that if you are a new player always try to save your horse energy for the final straight and it also has been seen as working for winning the match.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Beginners Guide

Tip: 4 – Pay Attention To The Race’s Distance:

Remember that here the players need to adapt your strategy for both of them. Always try to play it safe and conserve your energy throughout if the game is long. On the other side, if it’s short, you can get away with using your sprint a bit more. Never break the golden rule though: save your sprint for the final straight.

Tip: 5 – Breed More And More Horses

Remember that breeding more and more horses are one of the most essential activities on a ranch. In this game by joining together two horses, you are going to receive a foal which you can grow up to become a derby, Campion.

Rival Stars Horse Racing Tips and tricks

That all conclude our Rival Stars Horse Racing Beginner’s Guide And Tips And Tricks. We hope that Rival Stars Horse Racing Beginner’s Guide And Tips And Tricks will help you to progress much faster in the game. You can download the Rival Stars Horse Racing game from Google Play and by App Store. Stay updated and bookmark our site for more awesome gaming content. Happy Gaming!

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