Roblox Encounters Codes

Roblox Encounters Codes help you to get free keys and crystals. Today we will be listing valid and working codes for Roblox Encounters for our fellow gamers. We will also tell you how you can redeem these codes in Encounters. So stay tuned and just keep reading!

One thing, we should all thank Jack Entertainment for making this wonder game.

Encounters Codes                          

Encounters Codes are a great way to boost your gaming progress. These codes help you to get rewards.

Using these rewards you can easily upgrade your game and character. Thus you will get a head start in the game when compared to other gamers.

Roblox Encounters Codes List

Below we are giving you the list of all Roblox Encounters Codes. Our list includes both the working and expired codes. We are listing expired codes so that you do not have to waste time trying them.

These codes are released from time to time and expire soon. So make sure to use these codes before they expire.

Roblox Encounters Codes (working)

Below is the list of working codes. We will add new codes to the list as soon as they are released by the developers.

  • 150KLIKES – Redeem code for 1,000 Crystals (NEW)
  • 100KLIKES – Redeem code for 500 Crystals, 1 Conqueror Ticket, & 1 Conqueror Orb (NEW)
  • 75KLIKES – Redeem code for 750 Crystals
  • FFA – Redeem code for a Key

Roblox Encounters Codes (expired)

This is the list of expired codes. If you try to redeem them, you will get a message “Invalid Codes”. However, trying expired codes will not affect your game progress.

  • SKILLDIFF – Redeem code for 1,000 Crystals
  • 1V1 – Redeem code for a Key

How To Redeem Roblox Encounters Codes?

The process to redeem the codes to get rewards is easy. Just follow the below-given set of instructions to redeem the codes to get rewards.

Step 1: Enter the game and get in the lobby.

Step 2: Find the “Twitter Button” on left and click on it.

Roblox Encounters Codes

Step 3: A screen will appear in front of you as shown in the above image.

Step 4: On the bottom right side of the screen you will see a small box with the caption “Enter Code Here”.

Step 5: Copy the code from the above list and paste it in the box and press on the enter button. 

Note:  Each player is rewarded only once when he uses these codes. You won’t be rewarded multiple times if you use the same code again and again.


Now that you have all working codes for the game just use them to get in game items. More codes will be added to the list when they are released in the future. If you need codes for any other game, let us know in the comment section.




Shutdown = bug fix

Playable on PC, Mobile, and Tablet! (Performs best on PC, although gameplay is manageable on mobile/tablet) 

PC Default Controls (customizable in settings): 
Hold WASD to move, double tap to dash 
F = dash forward 
Space = jump 
Left Shift = sprint 
G = guard 
Left mouse button (MB1) = basic 
Right mouse button (MB2) = special 
E = unique 
Q = ultimate 

💪 Practice against bots 
⚔️ Party with friends in casual 
🏆 Climb the competitive ladder 
🗝️ Unlock cool champions and skins 

Face off against enemies in a fast-paced last-man-standing arena! With a large amount of champions and infinite combo strategies, there'll always be new things to explore. 

Join the group!!/about 

Ability icons designed by @bxmblebeaby
Thanks to @Tr_zD for the map!

Game Stats

  • Active – 3,300
  • Favorites – 189,113
  • Visits – 54.3M+
  • Created – 9/17/2021
  • Updated – 12/11/2021
  • Server Size – 50
  • Genre – Fighting


  • A New CandidateWelcome to Encounters!
    • Rarity21.8% (Challenging)
    • Won Yesterday50494
    • Won Ever3544861
  • Rising PotentialComplete the tutorial.
    • Rarity7.9% (Extreme)
    • Won Yesterday18253
    • Won Ever1914500
  • Aspiring ChampionPlay a game of Encounters.
    • Rarity11.9% (Hard)
    • Won Yesterday27605
    • Won Ever2129191
  • Taste Of VictoryWin a game of Encounters.
    • Rarity1.2% (Insane)
    • Won Yesterday2792
    • Won Ever643402
  • NoviceReach 100 trophies.
    • Rarity0.5% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday1174
    • Won Ever245797
  • AdvancedReach 200 trophies.
    • Rarity0.3% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday631
    • Won Ever78539
  • CompetentReach 300 trophies.
    • Rarity0.1% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday255
    • Won Ever28109
  • ExpertReach 400 trophies.
    • Rarity0.1% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday122
    • Won Ever11724
  • MasterReach 500 trophies.
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday70
    • Won Ever6210
  • Grand MasterReach 600 trophies.
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday41
    • Won Ever3986
  • LegendReach 700 trophies.
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday28
    • Won Ever2945
  • MythicReach 800 trophies.
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday34
    • Won Ever2322
  • SupremeReach 900 trophies.
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday24
    • Won Ever1947
  • Supreme ChallengerReach 1,000 trophies.
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday25
    • Won Ever1686
  • Beta Tester!Play during beta testing.
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever13992
  • Met The Creator!You joined a server with Jackfruitfruit!
    • Rarity0.2% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday404
    • Won Ever6155

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