Roblox Saber God Simulator Codes

Roblox Saber God Simulator Codes give exciting in game rewards like pets. We will be listing codes for Saber God Simulator. We will also tell you how you can redeem these codes to level up your character by getting rewards.

Note: We need to thank 17_Qv Studio for creating this wonderful game.

Roblox Saber God Simulator Codes (Complete List)

Below we are listing the codes. Use them to get rewards and other stuff. The code list that we are providing you is up to date.

We are also providing the list of expired codes. Even though expired codes do not work, listing them will help you to save time by not trying them.

Roblox Saber God Simulator Codes (active)

Below is the list of active and working codes for you to redeem to get rewards.

  • Platinum – Redeem code for a Platinum Pet (NEW)
  • Revenger – Redeem code for a Revenger Pet
  • Ghost – Redeem code for a Ghost Pet
  • Champion – Redeem code for a Champion Pet
  • Cube – Redeem code for a 2022 Cube Pet
  • 2022King – Redeem code for a 2022 King Slime Pet
  • 2022Lovely – Redeem code for a 2022 Lovely Champion Pet
  • Bee – Redeem code for a Giant Cute Bee Pet
  • GodlyStar – Redeem code for a Godly Star Pet
  • Gummies – Redeem code for a Stacked Gummies Pet
  • FireBall – Redeem code for a FireBall Pet
  • Chill Star – Redeem code for a Chill Star Pet
  • Celebration – Redeem code for a Mythic Celebration Star Pet
  • Cookies – Redeem code for a King Cookie Pet
  • Ultimate – Redeem code for an Ultimate Flower Pet
  • Frost – Redeem code for a Frost Lord Pet
  • Evil – Redeem code for a Evil Pyramidium Pet
  • Hydras – Redeem code for a 7M Hydras Pet
  • Anti – Redeem code for a Anti Lustering Goblin Pet
  • Shards – Redeem code for a White Shards Pet
  • Star’s – Redeem code for a God Star Pet
  • Luffy – Redeem code for a God Luffy 4rth Gear Pet
  • Goku’s – Redeem code for a Super Power Goku Pet
  • Thankyouto15ksubs – Redeem code for Secret Diamonds Pet
  • Saitama – Redeem code for Saitama God Pet
  • SciFiCat – Redeem code for a Sci-FI Cat Pet
  • Impostors – Redeem code for Dark Impostors Pet
  • BlackPoppy – Redeem code for Black Poppy Pet

Roblox Saber God Simulator Codes (out of date)

Below is the list of expired codes.

  1. Ticket
  2. American
  3. Russo
  4. Clover
  5. Happy900K

Note: We recommend you to use these codes as soon as possible. This is because these codes tend to expire after some time.

How to Redeem Codes in Saber God Simulator?

The process to redeem the codes is very simple. Following process is especially useful for those who do not know how to redeem codes. Just follow the below given set of instructions to redeem the codes.

Step 1: Enter the game and find the twitter button on the right of the screen.

Step 2: Click on it.

Step 3: Copy the code from the above list and paste the code in the box.

Step 4: Now press the “Redeem” button.

If the code has not expired yet, you will get your reward.

Note: These codes work only once for each player. You will not be rewarded extra if you use a particular code multiple times.

What are Saber God Simulator Codes?

Roblox Saber God Simulator Codes help you to gain an extra edge over your fellow gamers. Using these codes boost your gaming experience and progress.

The codes are of immense help in the game. You get free items and upgrades by using these codes.


So above we have listed codes for this game. We will be adding new codes as soon as they are released. If you need codes for other games, do let us know in the comment section.


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🐶 Purchase pets to progress further in-game!
🏆 Climb the leaderboards for a prizes!

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Roblox Saber God Simulator Game Stats

  • Active – 340
  • Favorites – 25,915
  • Visits – 6.1M+
  • Created – 4/24/2021
  • Updated – 12/9/2021
  • Server Size – 7
  • Genre – All Genres

Roblox Saber God Simulator Badges

  • You Played
    • Rarity90.6% (Freebie)
    • Won Yesterday10951
    • Won Ever1646986
  • Meet a “Dev”
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever1185
  • 1 Hour Play Time
    • Rarity12.2% (Hard)
    • Won Yesterday1479
    • Won Ever162710
  • 3 Days Play Time
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday1
    • Won Ever36
  • 1 Week Play Time
    • Rarity0.0% (Impossible)
    • Won Yesterday0
    • Won Ever8

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