Destruction is the word that suits this game the best. Yes, I’m talking about Rocket Bot Royale. It’s not only just a shoot type of game but rather a powerful mind buzzing rocket jumping royale game where the robot tanks face off to kill each other. The goal is not just to survive but also to collect coins to upgrade faster. You also must be careful of water; one mistake, and you’ll drown yourself in the lobby. You don’t get a second chance here; it’s done or die.

Tip 1 Learn to Control the Tanks

I’m telling you, the first day, you will get super irritated because you will keep dying and get back to the main lobby. The tutorial is super easy to understand but hard to master, and it took me 1-3 hrs to perfect my skills. You can attach to the surrounding terrain, climb vertical surfaces and drive anywhere to track the opponents. You use rockets to launch yourself in the air, dig the ground, or finish the enemies.

Tip 2 Earn Coins in Rocket Bot Royale

This is the most challenging part of the game. You can earn coins either by completing missions or finishing off the enemies and getting coins from them. Collect daily bonus coins. You can use chips to finish the challenging assignments, so in the beginning, try to do all the easy tasks. You can bring your squad of friends and battle out; it’s more fun and less tedious. Try to level up to 10 to get the drill that would allow you to drill away quickly. In the second level, you will also get good missiles that you can use to blast off enemies. Watch ads for better rewards.

Tip 3 Play strategically

This game undoubtedly needs strategy as it’s difficult to win by simply tracking the enemies. The trick I will share with you will be helpful if you want to survive and finish just 1-3 enemies on the way. First, before landing, check where all the tanks are getting landed, and then open your parachute. Then head straight for the ground, which is farthest away from the water. Dig yourself inside a hole so that if any enemy enters your terrain, you can finish them off efficiently. But if you want to fight fair, instead of tracking down enemies, let them come to you and then start firing. Don’t get panic; I know you will have a fear of losing because it will send you back to the lobby, but you must not lose your calm.

Rocket Bot Royale beginners guide

Rocket Bot Royale is available on Google Play and App Store. I think the game has potential but can be puzzling at times. I think they should bring more modes and stuffs like mini militia; then it would be delightful with friends. Share your gaming experience through the comments section below. Check out another similar tank face-off game: Hills of Steel 2.

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