Ryuko Shadow Hunter: Ninja Game- Have you ever wondered what kind of game it would be if there were a crossover between ninja shadow fight x Ninja warrior x samurai fighting? No right? But Ryuko will let you experience that kind of crossover you never imagined. It’s an RPG game packed with addictive gameplay, boss fights, open worlds, deadly missions, and adventures.

Ryuko is the last shadow fighter who has returned after 20 years, and she is in search of her grandfather; on her way, she needs to tackle stronger enemies and train herself to be the best fighter. It’s undoubtedly a fantastic game, especially the realistic graphics and audio. I’m sure now you are here to know the tips and tricks to clear the levels faster, or maybe you are stuck at a level and want to know how to clear it, correct? No worries, I’m sure these tips will help you clear the game.

Tip 1 Know the Controls of Ryuko Shadow Hunter

If you don’t know how to move or play, how will you even clear the levels? This is the essential tip that every player must follow. The controls are pretty straightforward, but a beginner might feel a little overwhelmed at the beginning of Ryuko Shadow Hunter: Ninja Game.

  • The health bar and the player’s mana bar are on the top left corners. Mana bar will let you make special attacks and become invincible for a certain period.
  • You will also see a red icon on the left, and there’s a timer on it. If it’s white, it means there’s no hunter, but if it turns red, you are getting hunted, and you need to defeat the hunter.
  • There are two bars on top blue one is the ki bar which refills and decreases every time you die; it will reload when you rest at a shrine or watch ads.
  • The yellow bar is urami; it helps you level up by exchanging urami in the shrine.
  • The best thing is that you get to use 2-3 weapons. In the right part, you will see the sword icon; you can attack and change the sword by clicking the arrow.
  • There are special weapons like bombs, guns, etc. you also can increase hp by using elixir (a small dumpling-like icon).
  • If you feel stuck or don’t know what to do, check the map and quest by clicking the pause button. Through this pause button, you can also equip your characters or replace stuff with better ones. Faith tree lets you see the enemies you need to defeat next.

Tip 2 Fight Strategically

It’s not a thumb smashing game where you just need to keep attacking the enemies, the enemies in this game get powerful as their level increases, not just power, but they also become intelligent and get used to your attacks. So try to dodge and attack. Try to inflict damage as much as you can until the opponent gets ready to attack. If you see a red skull icon, don’t get hit by that; you’ll take more than 40-50% damage.

If you see the broken shield icon, the enemy is vulnerable to taking advantage of it and killing him. Don’t always try to face off enemies; instead, try to kill them sneakily by walking behind their back and stabbing them. In one of the missions where you will find a 1000lvl hunter, you must not get close to it from the front instead, use the backdoors to get him from behind and stab him.

Tip 3 Collect Stuffs in Ryuko Shadow Hunter

You never know when you might get out of resources, so it’s always better to keep collecting stuff on the way. You need to break items; by breaking them, you have the chance of getting coins or chi, etc., but if you break chests, you can get special weapons like chemical bombs, stealth bombs, etc. If you see any glowing trees, break them to get an elixir. These small kinds of stuff will be helpful for you in the future without a doubt.

Tip 4 Know the items

Now suppose if you have collected many things but don’t even know what their use is, then it would have been a waste of time. Some of the everyday items that you should know about are:

  • Guns: You will need bullets to use these, and they deal a good amount of damage to the enemies
  • Flying bomb: this bomb detonates when it comes in contact with the enemy and throws him far away
  • Floating befriender: This bomb contains chemicals that will make your enemy fight for you instead of against you, but it cannot be used on higher-level enemies or hunters.
  • Smoke bomb: released dense fog or smoke and let you hide or run away
  • Shuriken: it’s like ninja stars and deals a good amount of damage to enemies
  • Life elixir: restores hp
  • Ki elixir: restores ki
  • Ener elixir: restores mana
  • Mienai elixir: conceals presence and is used for stealth attacks.
Ryuko Shadow Hunter  beginners guide

Some Other Miscellaneous Tips

  • Permanently save data or visit the shrine checkpoint and rest after clearing levels
  • Convert uramis to level up your character
  • Try to level up your character in this priority: health, body, skills, awareness, and luck
  • Replay levels if you get defeated
  • Try to kill enemies in stealth mode
  • Perform combos during fights to earn mana and uramis

Ryuko Shadow Hunter: Ninja Game is available on Google Play and App Store. That’s all the tips and tricks I had. I tried to cover everything for you so that you won’t face any problems as a beginner, but if you get stuck at a level, do let me know through the comments section below. If you like Japanese RPG games, then you should also check out: Jade Dynasty.

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