1 Scan Cars

The game has been built to have to go out and scan cars that pass by; else, you will only get 2-3 cars to play with. You will also get other rewards by unlocking these cars, so yes, it’s necessary; without this, you will level up very slowly. One hack I’d like to share is that you can use pictures from the laptop and try to scan them. This hack will be of long-term use for you, and you will not even have to go out to scan cars for this.

2 Look at the Roads

Looking at the roads is one of the essential tips you must know while playing this game. This game also follows simple physics, so make sure to reduce the speed at bents but not too much you will have to analyze how much you need to decrease/ when you need to speed up. If you master this, then the game will be a piece of cake for you; else, you will struggle a lot.

3 Watch Ads in SpotRacers

You can collect a lot of rewards by simply watching ads. Sometimes you will also find special ad offers which would reward you with stickers, repairs, spoilers, etc., so never miss these. Apart from this you can collect rewards by achievements and completing tasks. Complete the race with first place else; you might have low chances of getting better tips. The faster you level up, the more rewards you get. Use these rewards to upgrade your cars instead of spending on decorating items. By upgrading cars, your speed, acceleration, etc., will increase as well, which will let you win races more efficiently.

SpotRacers Tips and tricks

SpotRacers is available on Google Play and the App Store. This game is not that difficult; if you give enough time, you will surely master it. You can also check other sports games like Baseball Club PVP Multiplayer Game.

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