Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes

Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes help you to progress in the game quickly. We are giving working cheat codes for Starcraft 2 for our fellow gamers. By using these cheat codes you can get free items, rewards, and secret gifts. We will also tell you how you can redeem these cheat codes in Starcraft 2. So stay tuned and just keep reading!

What Are Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes

Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes are a great way to boost your gaming progress. These codes help you to get rewards and secret gifts.

Using these rewards you can easily upgrade your game and character. Thus you will get a head start in the game when compared to other gamers.

How To Use Cheats

  • Enter the game.
  • Now press the Enter key to enable console.
  • Copy the cheat from our list and paste it.

Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes List

Below we are giving you the list of all cheat codes. Copy the cheat code from our list and paste it. Now wait till you see Cheat. Copy the cheat code from our list and paste it.

Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes

TerribleTerribleDamageEnables God Mode (All units and buildings take no damage and deal 10 times as much damage)
WhatIsBestInLifeClaims instant victory for the current mission
LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEvenClaims instant defeat for the current mission
TookTheRedPillDisables Fog of War (allows you to see the map)
Bunker55AliveInsideUnits no longer require food, one you use this code.
cadeasygoinThis will end the game on the losing side.
CatFoodForPrawnGunsResearch and constructions will be done more quickly once you use this cheat code.
cmethodfeedbackThis will end the game with a victory
dzmhairspringThis code will give the players 5,000 of any resource.
eyeofsauronThis code is used to open up the cinematics menu.
fsbcomunicacionThis cheat code lets the units to heal much faster.
HanShotFirstWith this code, the kills waiting time is eliminated
HoradricCubeThis code will enable all the search options.
IAmIronManThis code is used to enable all the enhancements.
ImADoctorNotARoachJimAll units heal faster with the help of this cheat code.
jaynestownThis code will provide missing resources for the unit production.
LeaveYourSleepYou can unlock all the missions after using this code.
LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEvenThis cheat code will end the game by losing.
lyingpectThis cheat code is used to select a specific mission.
mintmansoperatorYou can disable the power requirements with this code.
MoreDotsMoreDotsUse this code and all the buildings and units will be free as a result.
NeverGiveUpNeverSurrenderThis code lets you continue playing the mission even after defeat.
overengineeredcodpieceThis cheat code will start playing the song “Terran up the Night”.
qroteroThis cheat code is used to disabled the time during the match.
RealMenDrillDeepYou will receive 5,000 gas with the help of this cheat code.
reversingnazaire / basestarsprimativeUnits are created and built with greater speed.
sawnoutofmemoryFog of War is disabled.
smoldersboldsThis cheat code will give you 5,000 minerals and gas.
SoSayWeAllThis cheat code will enable all the technologies.
SpectralTigerThis code will give you 5,000 minerals.
StayClassyMarSaraThis cheat code will give you access to in-game news.
stroaksmoltsYou will receive 5,000 minerals using this code.
TerribleTerribleDamageThis cheat code is used to activate the Invincibility mode.
TookTheRedPillThis code is used to disable the fog of war.
TyuHasLeftTheGameThis cheat code will disable the win conditions of the match.
wapboinkersUnits add resource points.
WhatIsBestInLifeThis cheat code will end the game with victory.
WhoRunBartertownThis code is used to get 5,000 gas and minerals.
WhySoSeriousThis cheat code will give you 5 million credits.


Now that you have all working cheat codes for the game just use them to get in game items. More codes will be added to the list when they are released in the future. If you need cheat codes for any other game, let us know in the comment section.

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