Stormbound: Kingdom Wars– Hey, tactical game lover! I’ve come up with a guide to help you level up in the stormbound game. Don’t you know what stormbound is? Are you kidding? How can you not know the unique deck game with robust mechanics and visuals? I mean, you must give it a try. If you don’t think it’s not interesting, follow this guide while playing, and I’m sure you will get addicted!

Tip 1: Learn the Game Mechanics

You must first understand the mechanics of every game and then plan accordingly to win the battles. Like in this game, you need to attack the enemy’s castle until it reaches zero.

  • Attack: The units can attack in all directions except diagonal ones like chess. Now the enemy, if it strikes, a team will either destroy the unit and move towards the left or move straight forward. I’d advise you to place baits and more vital units so that at least one of the units reaches the 2nd last or last row; this way, you will have more domination over the area. Once you get to the last row, try to place more robust units and place a strong for.
  • Defense: Now, if you can’t protect your base, then it’s game over for you. Make sure that they don’t get to the last or 2nd last row of the board, and if they do, then use the unique spell cards to eliminate them immediately, but if you think -1/-2 points won’t do much harm as you have more weightage on the game then don’t waste that mana.

Tip 2:When to Discard Cards

You can discard a card to get a new one, but you might get the same card later on. Now, the thing is, when should you discard the cards? I would highly recommend you read the abilities and keep at least 3-4 5 mana cards and 3-4 high unique cards along with some 1-2 low-cost mana cards for baits or simple domination. You should only discard cards when you see you don’t have good cards in your hands or have less mana and cannot pull one of the four cards out. Some cards have more units but less speed, so check all these before preparing your deck.

Tip 3: Grasp the Basics of Stormbound: Kingdom Wars

See, the main thing is to use your mana at each turn. Don’t think to save it for future use because that’s, my friend, the worst mistake you’d ever make. Learn the card’s abilities along with types, make your deck, and keep upgrading them. You must keep the line closest to your enemy, as I mentioned before, and the best way is to keep sending troops to throw them off balance and use some strong spells to show off your power so that they start making mistakes. While attacking the base, make sure there are many units behind the unit that is about to attack so that you don’t lose the board presence. You can also use some special cards that deduct the base points without attacking directly, but they have some drawbacks, so watch out for those.

Another helpful tip that I’d like to share is to keep your forts or structures just behind the units closest to the enemy base or on the sides so the enemy doesn’t get a chance to attack the units from sideways.

Stormbound Kingdom Wars beginners guide

Yes, that’s all the tips and tricks I think a player would need to clear the first 2-to to 3 campaigns; once you clear these, you’ll already become a mediocre or professional player. To level up quickly, you can also play ranked and special events as there are new updates for the card deck from time to time, so you won’t get bored too. Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is available on Google Play and App Store. Feel free to share your suggestions through the comments section below, and before leaving, make sure to check out this tactical game: Phobies.

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