Having risen to the top of the casual gaming market with its much-loved Talking Tom series, Outfit7 has teamed with publisher Hyper Dot Studios to bring mobile gamers a very different kind of mobile experience with its latest title: Mythic Legends.

Having just opened pre-registration for US based Android users, Mythic Legends promises to be a strategy game like no other; a perfect blend of challenging, auto chess style battling, and in-depth RPG features  that’ll keep you chasing and perfecting your next Champion.

Mythic Legend’s battles adopt the familiar features of current auto chess battlers, tasking players with strategically placing their team of units on an arena board before committing them to auto-battling mayhem. However, besides the usual tactical considerations of matching your most capable units against your opponents, there’s an added twist where extra bonuses are awarded for pairing units which build synergies together during battle.

Pre-registration is currently open exclusively for Android users who, after pre-registering, can look forward to receiving a Mythic Booster Pack to get their Mythic Legends journey off to a perfect start. All that’s required is to register via the Google Play Store.

Mythic Legends is expected to launch worldwide next month as a free-to-play game for both iOS and Android devices.

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