Streetball AllStar is a 3v3 basketball game developed by racoonDigi. All of the features that make Streetball Allstar a Streetballer’s Paradise are present in this game. To make sure you don’t get confuse in the gameplay and get the most out of it, we have prepared this guide. In this beginners guide, we’ll walk you through all of the game types that Streetball Allstar has to offer, as well as give some useful tips and techniques to help you progress faster.

Gameplay of Streetball AllStar

Each game lasts around three minutes. The rules are identical to those of a real-life Streetball game, with the exception that 2s and 3s are used instead of 1s and 2s. You may acquire a variety of humorous yet skilled characters from the Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Point Guard, and Shooting Guard positions. 

Choose the character that best fits your style of play to make a vital influence to your team’s victory and receive the Most Valuable Player award. You may compete against professional gamers from all around the world in three different game modes.

Knowing how to use in-game resources

Gold Coins, Diamonds, and Rubies are available as in-game resources in the game.

  • Gold currencies are the most common. Simply grinding the game on a daily basis will earn you Gold coins. You may earn in-game Gold coin by completing Event Objectives, Daily Tasks, winning games, and collecting season points. They should only be utilized to enhance your characters.
  • Diamonds may also be readily obtained by grinding through the game, but they should not be spent. Diamonds should only be spent to unlock new characters with unique skill sets in order to strengthen your squad. They normally consume a lot of diamonds, so keep yours safe. Do not squander them excessively in order to shorten the time it takes to unlock chests.
  • Rubies are the most difficult to obtain.  They may be obtained at a discounted price from the Top-Up Bonus section or as a season pass reward. Rubie-vouchers are periodically given out for free in the game, and users can redeem them. 3 Rubies may be obtained by converting 30 Rubie-vouchers. They’re useful for everything, but don’t waste them because they’re rare to come by.

Game Modes

  • The Ladder mode is the path to the top of the Leaderboard. It’s an online 3V3 multiplayer game in which you challenge three other users to team up and face you in your own court. You only have control over one character. The other two members of your team are controlled by online players who have been requested to join your squad.
  • In the Battle Mode, users can battle against their opponents across 3 Game Modes, namely Solo 3×3, Team 3×3, and the Invitational Mode.
  • The Street Legend Mode is a narrative mode that has competitive and fascinating chapters. Each chapter features short sub-chapters in which you will be presented with difficulties in the style of a story. Gift boxes containing Gold currency, Gems, Energy Gels, Protein Bars, Generosity items, and a variety of other in-game resources are given out at the end of each chapter.

Now it’s time to move on to the next segment of the article. The following are some suggestions for quickly and simply progressing in the game.

1. Don’t miss out on any of the Daily Tasks

On the in-game menu screen, you’ll see A Task Section when you first start the game. Make it a habit to check that section every day to see what challenges the game has in store for you. Simple and straightforward tasks will be assigned to you, such as opening at least one chest, winning three or more Ladder/Battle Mode games, and so on. 

Upon completion of each mission, you will be rewarded with in-game currency and Experience Points. Each day, the task list is updated. Make sure you don’t miss out on them at any cost since they pay off handsomely.

Streetball Allstar Play With Friends

2. Concentrate on all-round character growth and strengthening

It’s also crucial to strengthen your characters after every few games so that they can perform to their greatest ability. Therefore, they must get Nutrition Bars for rapid energy. They, like Energy Gels, are readily gained by just playing the game. Characters that are stronger have a higher OVR in the skills that they have. Strengthening may be activated by spending in-game Gold Currencies and Nutrition Bars.

3. Resource management

The utilization of resources is a crucial part of every game. Do not use your Gold Currencies for anything other than Character Strengthening. Although diamonds are plentiful, they should not be squandered on opening boxes faster. Save your Diamonds for unlocking additional Characters with unique skills. Never consider transforming your Rubies into Diamonds. Rubies are the most difficult to obtain. Should Not trade them in for anything else.

Streetball Allstar Resources

4. When you’re on the offense, keep a close eye on your opponent

Closely guard your opponent in the frontcourt. As a result, he or she won’t be able to shoot or dribble around you for more than 5 seconds. It is their responsibility to pass the ball to a teammate. Your Centre Position character should be in charge of close guarding. Big Mike, would initially accomplish the job for you using his physical attributes.

Despite the fact that the game is 3v3, the creators have done an outstanding job of including professional abilities such as Box Out, Flip, Follow-Up Shot, and Hook Shot. As a result, it has given the game a more realistic feel. As the players enter the court, the in-game visuals create the impression that you are playing a live streetball game. Overall, it’s a fun, skill-based game that every Sixth Man should play.

Streetball Allstar is available to download on Google Play and the App Store.

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