Pre-registrations for Sumire, an adventure game developed by GameTomo, is now available on Google Play for Android users. The game is also live for all iOS users. It is a paid game and is available for $5.99.

The game is critically acclaimed and appreciated by all gamers. It earned a metacritic score of 86 last year. It takes place in a Japanese setting and follows the narrative of a wearied girl called Sumire who has to be reconciled with the ghost of her grandmother. This emotional journey is heightened by the use of music and art in the game. These elements almost bring the game to life and it is so beautifully enchanting for the players to experience this.

What is different about Sumire

The story revolves around love, bonding and connection. Adding to the game’s mystical theme, the new updated version features new elements like wish and dream sharing. The bright and colourful visuals of the game add to the high-resolution screen game play.

GameTomo was nominated for Best Indie Developer at the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2022 for the current version of this game. This shows how Sumire has a cutting edge when it comes to visuals and narrative.

Gameplay and upcoming events

The game allows the players to live in a lively Japanese setting where they get to meet interesting and quirky characters. They have to make irreversible decisions and have the power to accept or request earned quests. The game gives off a very warm and chill vibe where the players feel content enough to live a virtual, eventful day. Also, the new features allow the players to share their dreams and wishes.

Sumire is conducting a live stream on April 7, 2022, Thursday at 9 pm E.T. The team members will be available to answer any and all questions of the gamers. Until then, don’t miss out on this magical experience!

All iOS users can get it now on App Store and Android users can pre-register the game on Google Play.

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