TeamFight Tactics TFT Tier List

TeamFight Tactics TFT Tier List gives you the best of in game champions ranked from best to worst. Our TeamFight Tactics TFT Tier List has the list of latest champions from the game so that you choose the best ones.

TeamFight Tactics TFT Tier List (champions)

Below is the list of all the characters in the game ranked from best to worst.

TeamFight Tactics Tier List – Tier S

  1. Aurelion Sol (4$): Dragon and also Sorcerer
  2. Draven (4$): Imperial and also Blademaster
  3. Garen (1$): Noble and also Knight
  4. Gnar (4$): Wild, Shapeshiffter and also Yordle
  5. Pyke (2$): Pirate and also Assassin
  6. Sejuani (4$): Glacial and also Knight

Tier A

  1. Ashe (3$): Glacial and also Ranger
  2. Brand (4$): Demon and also Elementalist
  3. Kayle (5$): Noble and also Knight
  4. Kindred (4$): Phantom and also Ranger
  5. Lulu (2$): Yordle and also Sorcerer
  6. Nidalee (1$): Wild and also Shapeshifter
  7. Swain (5$): Imperial, Shapeshifter and also Demon

Tier B

  1. Ahri (2$): Wild and also Sorcerer
  2. Akali (4$): Ninja and also Assassin
  3. Anivia (5$): Glacial and also Elementalist
  4. Blitzcrank (2$): Robot and also Brawler
  5. Darius (1$): Imperial and also Knight
  6. Katarina (3$): Imperial and also Assassin
  7. Lucian (2$): Noble and also Gunslinger
  8. Tristana (1$): Yordle and also Gunslinger
  9. Varus (2$): Demon and also Ranger
  10. Volibear (3$): Glacial and also Brawler

Tier C

  1. Kassadin (1$): Void and also Sorcerer
  2. Kennen (3$): Ninja, Yordle and also Elementalist
  3. Kha’zix (1$): Void and also Assassin
  4. Lissandra (2$): Glacial and also Elementalist
  5. Miss Fortune (5$): Pirate and also Gunslinger
  6. Mordekaiser (1$): Phantom and also Knight
  7. Morgana (3$): Demon and also Sorcerer
  8. Rengar (3$): Wild and also Assassin
  9. Shyvana (3$): Dragon and also Shapeshifter
  10. Vayne (1$): Noble and also Ranger
  11. Veigarr (3$): Yordle and also Sorcerer
  12. Warwick (1$): Wild and also Brawler
  13. Yasuo (5$): Exile and also Blademaster

Tier D

  1. Braum (2$): Glacial and also Guardian
  2. Evelynn (3$): Demon and also Assassin
  3. Fiora (1$): Noble and also Blademaster
  4. Karthus (5$): Phantom and also Sorcerer
  5. Leona (4$): Noble and also Guardian
  6. Shen (2$): Ninja and also Blademaster
  7. Zed (2$): Ninja and also Assassin

Tier E

The Weakest champions in the game:

  1. Aatrox (3$): Demon and also Blademaster
  2. Elise (2$): Demon and also Shapeshifter
  3. Gangplank (3$): Pirate, Blademaster and also Gunslinger
  4. Graves (1$): Pirate and also Gunslinger
  5. Poppy (3$): Yordle and also Knight
  6. Rek’sai (2$): Void and also Brawler


I hope that our TeamFight Tactics Tier List will help you to pick the strongest and most powerful champions in the game. Let us know in comment section if you need tier list for any other game.

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