For a long time, the video game industry has been a multibillion-dollar business, and the figures continue to rise, with total yearly revenue in 2020 expected to exceed $150 billion. Mobile gaming, unsurprisingly, contributed the most to the revenue stream. It was more than double the amount spent on PC gaming and more than the sum of PC and console gaming in the previous year, at $85 billion.

Many variables have played a role, including the increased popularity of online multiplayer games and microtransactions. People today are far more likely than they were a few years ago to make an in-game purchase. As the years pass, certain mobile games continue to make money, while newcomers compete for a piece of the pie.

1 Game Of War: Fire Age

Strategy games appear to work well on mobile, thanks in part to a more simplified approach than many of their PC and console counterparts. Game of War seeks to strike a balance between clear strategy and MMO features, as well as considerable depth of material, without overburdening the user.

2 Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is one of the few games that is as sweet, uplifting, and simply enjoyable. This family-friendly title boasts some of the most sophisticated and addictive puzzle games available, as well as a fantastic model that doesn’t force advertisements down the player’s neck every five minutes.

3 Clash Royale

Supercell, the Finnish game creator, will probably never reach the same heights as Clash of Clans, but it doesn’t mean they haven’t had other great blockbusters. It is based on the characters from that game, as well as many original creations, as are all of their games released following CoC.

The gameplay is very straightforward, but the game moves at a breakneck pace that requires players to make quick and strategic decisions. This type of rapid gameplay is ideal for short-burst mobile gaming and may easily be completed during a coffee break.

4 Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

When it comes to IP adaptations, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle outperforms the rest. It takes the over-the-top pop culture cult hit to mobile with everything a fan of the Dragonball Z anime would anticipate, and then some.

Despite being free to play, the game has managed to amass a sizable monetary sum and a large user base. In fact, the game drew 15 million players in the first three months of its Japanese release, demonstrating that DBZ passion is still alive and well after all these years.

5 Garena Free Fire

There isn’t much that distinguishes Free Fire from the other apparently unending battle royale games on mobile, but it is undoubtedly one of the most popular. It was the most downloaded mobile game worldwide in 2019.

The game has over 80 million daily active users worldwide as of May 2020, and the developers provide regular upgrades. Instead of the regular 100-player battle royale encounters, Free Fire has a cap of 50 players per match. It’s a little cliched in its genre, but Fortnite fans will like being able to carry this game with them on the go.

6 Bottom line

These were five most profitable mobile games as of the moment. We do not consider mobile gambling industry, which revenue is even bigger. It might the subject for a separate article.

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