The Great War Rivals is the latest game from eRepublik Labs, an award-winning game developing company. The game has now become available on both Android and iOS. The Great War Rivals is a historical strategy game that pits players against historical World War 1 leaders. The Great War Rivals is a strategy game in which you must choose between the Allied Powers and the Central Powers.  Build your military base, command your troops, form an alliance or join one, complete tasks to climb the military ranks, and defend your base against bandits and hostile forces. 

The game’s centerpiece is the cartoony way in which the historical backdrop is presented. “Accurate historical setting in a cartoony manner — learn everything about World War One,” says the game’s description. Kaiser Wilhelm II, Seyit Cabuk, Ernst Junger, Ivan Kolev Stoyanov, and Viktoria Savs are some of the game’s characters. In this article, we will be providing you with some tips to get started with the game.

Introducing Troop Commanders

Allied Powers consist of:

  • King George V (default commander)
  • Charles Riggs
  • Rene Fonck
  • Alvin York
  • Max Mader
  • Eugene Bullard
  • Lavr Kornilov
  • Francis Pegahmagabow
  • Flora Sandes

Central Powers consist of:

  • Keiser Wilhelm II
  • Victoria Savs
  • Seyit Cabuk
  • Manfred von Richthofen – The Red Baron
  • Ernst Junger
  • Bernard Reddemann
  • Godwin von Brumowski
  • Johann Charvat
  • Ivan Kolen Stoyanov

Without further ado, let’s get started with the tips and tricks that will help you to progress efficiently in the game.

1. Use the artillery to destroy from every side

When attacking a specific unit, be sure to click in the center of the base so that your artillery can effectively kill the soldier from all sides. A green line indicates troop damage. As it becomes red, it indicates that the work is almost complete, eventually becoming zero, indicating that the base has been effectively destroyed.

The Great War Rivals Gameplay Details

2. March faster to progress faster

To improve your active march capacity, you must raise the level of your headquarters (essentially upgrade them). The higher your troop’s active march capacity, the greater your chances of winning the battle and destroying rival bases faster. One thing to keep in mind is that you may speed up the marching process by using the gold that you have on hand.

3. Construct the Base with equal distribution of supplies.

After you’ve finished the chapters, make sure to gather the supply lines. The objectives are simple to execute, such as creating a cement mill or an oil refinery. Give the same priority to your food supply as your training camps, hospitals, and housing while constructing your base.

The Great War Rivals Base Building

4. Make Sure to unlock Commander’s skills to increase your troop’s power.

A column labeled Skills appears under your commander’s profile. When you click it, a new screen displays with a variety of locked and unlocked icons. Among such symbols is one called Troop Attack, which allows you to enhance your army troop’s attacking power.

The Great War Rivals introduces you to the First World War, the important conflict in military history. You may take part in every fight on the battlefield, command massive WW1 vehicles, and make whatever move you choose to assist you and your allies turn the battle tide in your favour. With this we would like to conclude out Guide and Tips article. We hope it helps you to progress easily and efficiently in the game. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Download The Great War Rivals from Google Play and the App Store.

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