What’s your take on growing plants? If you are a nature lover and love to grow plants but can not fulfill this dream of yours? Then here is a simulated tree planting game to cherish your desires called The Shining Tree: More Wealth.

About: The Shining Tree: More Wealth

Offered by Thunder game, this game is a simulation-based casual game. The game intends to give an experience of planting a tree and giving back to nature but in an interesting and fun game. Released on March 15, 2022, the game is all about just a tap on the tree, growing it, feeding it, producing fruits from it, winning rewards, and much more. A nice casual game for timepass, become a real capitalist, and focus on growing that money tree.

So readers, here we are presenting before you some tips and tricks to play this game and enjoy how money grows on trees!

Below are some of the tips and tricks one should try out:

1. Keep Collecting Currency 

The game is about becoming wealthier and aiming to grow the plant into a bigger tree. You need to supply fertilizers, soil, and other stuff for growth for that purpose. These things need to be bought, and for that, cash is required. Now the question is, where to get the cash from? The tree you are growing is the source of income too. Tap on it and earn money. The trick is to keep collecting the money from trees as much as possible so that you don’t run out of money while shopping.

2. Aim for Rewards And Upgrades

The game offers mini-tasks to complete and earn cool and beneficial rewards. Do not forget to upgrade too, as this will ensure better growth and thriving of the plant you are working on to grow it better, healthier, and wealthier. Moreover, talking about the rewards, do aim for completing the situations to earn fertilizers like stuff, without spending the cash.

The Shining Tree: More Wealth Upgrades Details

3. Earn By Tapping on Fruits

The tree you work on in the game The Shining Tree: More Wealth is the ultimate source of income to buy the stuff required. There is not just the cash you earn by simply tapping on the tree, but other options are also available on the tree. The simulation of a tree or plant as per the level you are in produces fruits too. These fruits produced are of different value depending on the variety. So do go for the fruits too and earn an extra big amount of cash other than the usual one.

The Shining Tree: More Wealth Collecting Rewards

4. Earn Smartly, Watch Ads!

Every game offers Ads, and it becomes irritating for the players when they interrupt the gameplay. But if you try to ignore this side of the coin and focus on the positive side, these Ads can prove beneficial. Players, Act smart and watch these Ads to win additional rewards to improve your game and level up much faster, without really spending the earned cash. Well, this idea is worth trying.

So readers, this game, The Shining Tree: More Wealth, must be tried once as a casual time pass and learn more about nature and plants. Moreover, we would be glad to know your opinions about the game in the comment section.

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