The Witcher 3 Console Commands

The Witcher 3 Console Commands help you to progress in the game quickly. We are giving working cheat codes for THE WITCHER 3 for our fellow gamers. By using these cheat codes you can get free items, rewards, and secret gifts. We will also tell you how you can redeem these cheat codes in THE WITCHER 3. So stay tuned and just keep reading!

What Are The Witcher 3 Console Commands

The Witcher 3 Console Commands are a great way to boost your gaming progress. These codes help you to get rewards and secret gifts.

Using these rewards you can easily upgrade your game and character. Thus you will get a head start in the game when compared to other gamers.

How To Use Cheats

  • Enable the console commands.
  • Copy the command from our list and paste them.
  • Now press the Enter button

The Witcher 3 Console Commands List

Below we are giving you the list of all cheat codes.

The Witcher 3 Console Commands

addkeysaddkeysTo get the keys for opening all the doors of game, addkeys console command is perfect for this purpose. You just have to write add keys in the syntax.
addmoneyaddmoney(Amount)The addmoney command is used to add money into your balance. Ypu can specify the amount you want to add in the syntax of console command.
removemoneyremovemoney(Amount)The removemoney command is used to remove the money from your balance. You can specify the amount you want to remove in the syntax of console command.
additemadditem(‘Item Code’, Amount)The additem command helps you to add game items in your character’s inventory. You have the option to specify the desired number of items in the syntax.
removeitemremoveitem(‘Item Code’)The removeitem console command helps you to remove the game items from your character’s inventory. You have the option to specify the desired number of items you want to remove in the syntax.
godgodThe god command is used to protect your character from all kinds of damage. The command will toggle the god mode and your character will be non-vulnerable.
healmehealmeIf you have lost the health points of your character, The healme console command will help ypu to restore the health of character.
likeabosslikeabossBy enabling like a boss toggle command, you can provide 40% damage to the total health of the opponent with every hit. If the toggle is already enabled, the command will disable it. You just have to write likeaboss in the syntax.
CiriCiriThe Ciri console command is use to replace your character. You can replace it to Cirilla.
GeraltGeraltThe Ciri console command is use to replace your character. You can replace it to Geralt.
setlevelsetlevel(Level)The setlevel console command helps you to set your desied level. The level will be set to the number specified in the command syntax.
leveluplevelupYou can use the levelup command to up your level. This command will bring a one-digit increment in your current level.
addexpaddexp(Amount)The addexp command is used to get the experience points for your character. You can specify the number of experience points you want.
learnskilllearnskill(‘Skill ID’)The learnskill console command helps your character to learn a particular skill. You can specify the desired skill id in the syntax.
CatCat(0 / 1)The cat console command will turn on or off the ability of your character to see in the dark. To turn it on you can write cat (1) and cat (0) to turn it off in the syntax.
DrunkDrunk(0 / 1)The Drunk console command in used to disengage the character from his vision, in this way he will forget his dialogues. If you have already enabled the drunk you can turn it off by specifying in the syntax.
shaveshaveIf you think the beard of your character is being grown too lengthy, you can shave it using the shave command.
settattoosettattoo(0 / 1)By using the settattoo command, you can hide or unhide a particular tattoo on the neck of Geralt. You have to specify this in the syntax, (1) to unhide and (0) to hide.
spawnspawn(‘NPC ID’, Amount, Distance, true / false)The spawn command is used to name the NPC characters in the game. You have the option to name any number of NPC whether they are near to you or located at a distant place. And you can also speicfy the friendly and hostile NPC in the syntax. True for the hostile and false for non-hostiles.
killallkillall(Distance)The killall console command will kill your enemies. You can kill all enemies, nearer or distant from your character by specifying in the syntax.
makeitrainmakeitrainIf you want to start the rain during the game, you can use the makeitrain console command.
stoprainstoprainIf you want to stop the ongoing, you can use the stoprain console command.
ShowAllFTShowAllFT(0 / 1)The ShowAllFT helps you to hide or unhide all the Fast Travel pins on the map of the game. Write (1) to unhide and (0) to hide the Fast Travel pins in the syntax of the command.
ShowPinsShowPins(0 / 1)You can hide or unhide all the pins on the map using Showpins. Must specify (0) to hide and (1) to unhide the pins.
secretgwintsecretgwintThe secretgwint command is used to initiate the Gwent Game.
winGwintwinGwint(true / false)The winGwint console command is used to end the Gwent game. You can specify (true) to win the game and (false) to end the game by losing.
addgwintcardsaddgwintcardsThe addgwintcards command helps you to get the Gwent game cards. Using the command, you will get one of many Gwent cards.
addabladdabl(‘Buff ID’)By suing the addabl you can get a buff stat for your character. You have to specify the id of your required buff stat in the syntax.
rmvablrmvabl(‘Buff ID’)By suing the rmvabl command you can remove a buff stat of your character. You have to specify the id of buff stat you want to remo
cleardevelopcleardevelopThe cleardevelop console command will restore your character to default. All of his inventory and experience will be lost and he will become a level 1 default character.
witchcraftwitchcraftThe witchcraft console command helps you to get the game items. On executing the command, you will get one game item and you have the option to use it multiple times.
addskillpointsaddskillpoints(Amount)The addskillpoints command is used to get yourself required number of skill points. You must specify thge number of skill points you need in the syntax.
buffmebuffme(‘Effect Type ID’, Seconds)By suing the buffme command, you can get a special effect for your character for a time being. You have to specify the desired effect and time duration in the syntax.
activateAllGlossaryCharactersactivateAllGlossaryCharactersThe activateAllGlossaryCharacters command will active all the characters in the glossary.
activateAllGlossaryBeastiaryactivateAllGlossaryBeastiaryThe activateAllGlossaryBeastiary command will active all the beasts and monsters in the glossary.
addHair1addHair1The addHair1 console command is used to set the hair style of your character to level 1 default hair style.
addHair2addHair2The addHair2 console command helps you to to set the hair style of your character to pony tale syle.
addHair3addHair3The addHair3 console command is used to set the hair style of your character to lenghty hairs.
addHairDLC1addHairDLC1The addHairDLC1 command helps you to set the hair style of character to short hairs.
addHairDLC2addHairDLC2The addHairDLC2 cosole commadnd will set the hair style of character to a mohawk with a pony tail.
addHairDLC3addHairDLC3By using the addHairDLC3, you can set the hair style to short, slicked back hairs.
setbeardsetbeard(#, #)The setbeard console command will set the beard style of character. There are many beard style available, you can speicfy it in the syntax.
WitcherHairstyleWitcherHairstyle(1 / 2 / 3)The WitcherHairstyle is used to set one of the available hair styles in the game. You have to specify the style number in syntax.
setcustomheadsetcustomhead(‘Head ID’)By using the setcustomhead command, you can set your character’s head. Must specify the head id you want to set.
removecustomheadremovecustomheadThe removecustomhead console command helps you to revert the character’s head that you set earlier.
staminaponystaminaponyThe staminapony command will increase the staima of the horse tremendously. The horse will never be tired again.
instantMountinstantMount(‘NPC ID’)The instantMount console command lets you mount the NPC in the game. You have to specify the id of NPC in the syntax.
dismemberdismemberIf you want to dismember any of the NPC in the game, then you can use the dismember console command to do so.
appearanceappearance(‘Appearance ID’)The appearance command helps you to change the apperance of your character or the NPC.
ShowKnownPinsShowKnownPins(0 / 1)The ShowKnownPins is used to hide or unhide all the locations on the map of game. Write (0) to hide an (1) to unhide in the syntax.
AllowFTAllowFT(0 / 1)By using the AllowFT command, you can enable or disable the ability of your character to travel fast. Use (1) to enable and (0) to disable the ability.
gotoWyzimagotoWyzimaThe gotoWyzima is used to command will teleport your character to Wyzima.
gotoNovigradgotoNovigradThe gotoNovigrad console command helps you to teleport your character to Novigrad.
gotoSkelligegotoSkelligeBy using the gotoSkellige command, you can teleport your character to Skellige.
gotoKaerMohrengotoKaerMohrenThe gotoKaerMohren command will teleport your character to Kaer Morhen.
gotoProloggotoProloggotoProlog command is ued to teleport your character to Prolog.
gotoPrologWintergotoPrologWinterThis command will teleport your character to Prolog Winter.
xyxy(X, Y)This command helps you to teleport your character to the coordinates. You have to specify X or Y coordinate in the syntax.
SpawnHorseSpawnHorseThe SpawnHorse is used to spawn a horse.
spawnBoatAndMountspawnBoatAndMountThis command is simply used to spawn a boat for your usage.
changeweatherchangeweather(‘Weather ID’)You can use the changeweather cosole command to change the weather in the game to your liking. You can specify your desired weather id.
settimesettime(Day, Hour, Minute, Seconds)The settime command will used to set the time of any particular day in the game. You can specify the day and the time you want to set in the syntax.
TMTM(Multiplier)By using this command, you can control he speed of the time being passed in the game. You can increase or decrease the speed of time by specifying it in the syntax.
fadeoutfadeoutThe fadeout command is used to fade the screen of the game out. Just simply write fadeout in the syntax.
fadeinfadeinThe fadein console command is used to revert the fadeout command.
dlgshowdlgshowThe Digshow console command is ued to hide the graphic user interface.
testpausetestpauseIf you want to pause te game at any moment, testpause console command is perfect for you.
testunpausetestunpauseIf you want to resume the paused game, you can use the testunpause command.
ToggleCameraAutoRotationToggleCameraAutoRotationBy using this console command, you can turn on or stop the roation of the game camera that is following your character.

The Witcher 3 Item Codes

Dye Defaultadditem(‘Dye Default’)
Dye Blackadditem(‘Dye Black’)
Dye Blueadditem(‘Dye Blue’)
Dye Brownadditem(‘Dye Brown’)
Dye Grayadditem(‘Dye Gray’)
Dye Greenadditem(‘Dye Green’)
Dye Orangeadditem(‘Dye Orange’)
Dye Pinkadditem(‘Dye Pink’)
Dye Purpleadditem(‘Dye Purple’)
Dye Redadditem(‘Dye Red’)
Dye Turquoiseadditem(‘Dye Turquoise’)
Dye Whiteadditem(‘Dye White’)
Dye Yellowadditem(‘Dye Yellow’)
Beast Oil 1additem(‘Beast Oil 1’)
Beast Oil 2additem(‘Beast Oil 2’)
Beast Oil 3additem(‘Beast Oil 3’)
Cursed Oil 1additem(‘Cursed Oil 1’)
Cursed Oil 2additem(‘Cursed Oil 2’)
Hanged Man Venom 2additem(‘Hanged Man Venom 2’)
Hanged Man Venom 3additem(‘Hanged Man Venom 3’)
Hybrid Oil 1additem(‘Hybrid Oil 1’)
Hybrid Oil 2additem(‘Hybrid Oil 2’)
Insectoid Oil 1additem(‘Insectoid Oil 1’)
Insectoid Oil 2additem(‘Insectoid Oil 2’)
Insectoid Oil 3additem(‘Insectoid Oil 3’)
Magicals Oil 2additem(‘Magicals Oil 2’)
Magicals Oil 3additem(‘Magicals Oil 3’)
Necrophage Oil 1additem(‘Necrophage Oil 1’)
Rune stribog lesseradditem(‘Rune stribog lesser’)
Rune stribogadditem(‘Rune stribog’)
Rune stribog greateradditem(‘Rune stribog greater’)
Rune dazhbog lesseradditem(‘Rune dazhbog lesser’)
Rune devana lesseradditem(‘Rune devana lesser’)
Rune devanaadditem(‘Rune devana’)
Rune devana greateradditem(‘Rune devana greater’)
Rune zoria lesseradditem(‘Rune zoria lesser’)
Rune zoriaadditem(‘Rune zoria’)
Rune zoria greateradditem(‘Rune zoria greater’)
Rune moranaadditem(‘Rune morana’)
Rune morana greateradditem(‘Rune morana greater’)
Rune triglavadditem(‘Rune triglav’)
Rune veles lesseradditem(‘Rune veles lesser’)
Rune velesadditem(‘Rune veles’)
Rune veles greateradditem(‘Rune veles greater’)
Rune perun lesseradditem(‘Rune perun lesser’)
Rune perunadditem(‘Rune perun’)
Rune perun greateradditem(‘Rune perun greater’)
Rune elemental lesseradditem(‘Rune elemental lesser’)
Rune elementaladditem(‘Rune elemental’)
Rune elemental greateradditem(‘Rune elemental greater’)

The Witcher 3 NPC Spawn Codes



Now that you have all working cheat codes for the game just use them to get in game items. More codes will be added to the list when they are released in the future. If you need cheat codes for any other game, let us know in the comment section.

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