Titan hunters, the game was solely developed for endless fights and action. This is an MMORPG game with smooth graphics and friendly crypto addictive gameplay. In this game, you discover a whole new mysterious and supernatural world. Where you get to participate in epic battles and need to defeat the enemies, you have a choice whether you want to play alone or in groups. It’s no doubt an easily accessible and high-quality NFT game.

Currently, there are two play modes available: Adventure and Co-op, If you want to earn, then you can do the following: Mint NFTs, farm or hold. Now let’s move on to the Titan Hunter’s tips and tricks part of the section. I will cover the adventure mode tips in this article so let’s get started.

1 Never Go to the Corners

If you apply this tip, a 50% improvement is made already. I’m saying this because if you ever go to the corners, you have no way to escape the monsters, and then they will surround you, block you and eventually kill you. So keep this in mind that the corners are like dead/red zones; only approach them when necessary for you.

2 Don’t Stop Firing in Titan Hunters

No matter what, don’t stop firing; even if you put it on auto mode, make sure that your character doesn’t stop firing; otherwise, the monsters will undoubtedly kill you. Ensure that you are at a distance from which you can inflict a good amount of damage; otherwise, the bullets will go to waste. Start firing from the start of the game itself because this way, they won’t be able to get to you. Keep moving here and there; don’t stop. Take a break only when you reload or see that you will get attacked.

3 Learn to Tackle the Bosses

Reaching the boss is very difficult, but if you do get the boss level, then my friend, you will have to use up 100% of your brain and hands to score the highest. The thing is that these bosses are brilliant and will adapt to your movements, so you will have to act more intelligent than them, see their patterns, and counterattack accordingly. The bosses usually have 3-4 types of notable type firings, which you need to dodge as these are very deadly. One silly mistake and you’re gone for good

4 Other Miscellaneous Tips in Titan Hunters

  • Collect daily rewards
  • Play rank matches
  • Upgrade items
  • Collect daily rewards
  • Play rank matches
  • Upgrade items
Titan Hunters tips and tricks

Titan Hunters are available on Google Play and App Store. I would like to include that this game has a lot of things to improve and is under development because I came across some bugs like I wasn’t able to play matches even though I had enough energy, upgrading items kept showing errors. If you faced something similar, do share your views below. There’s another similar game that I think you might like: Glory Ages – Samurais.

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