Total War: MEDIEVAL II: The real medieval war experience is just one tap away from you. It’s based on three continents from the middle ages. Yes, you heard it right Total War: MEDIEVAL II is back again with great and massive real-time battles with intricate turn-based strategic gameplay to keep you entertained.

The real challenge is to conquer the supreme empire by hook or crook. Will you win through diplomacy pr conquest or trade, or deception? Will you be able to rule the kingdoms rising from western Europe to the extremes of Arabia?

There are 17 playable factions in the game, and you can enjoy a full range of medieval weaponry at your command. Wait, there’s more. You can use agents or alliances to become powerful and take command of the battles. I’m sure you spent a tremendous amount of bucks on this game, and you want to know the tips to rise to power quickly; well, you’ve come to the right place, so without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Tip 1 Learn The Basics of Total War: MEDIEVAL II

This game is enormous, so you need to learn the basics before randomly waging wars. There are a few things that you should know:

  • If you are playing with a faction that can recruit horse archer units, then make a whole stack with generals; this would let you move around quickly. The advantage is that you can avoid battles that you think you won’t be able to handle.
  • In combat, screen kites the enemy until their troops break or they rub out of arrows. Chase then and kill all. Make sure to keep spies as well to infiltrate enemy bases.
  • You can reach areas like Spain and England for experience and cash. If you are playing with Turks, you have five imams from the start; you will be able to attack a poorly defended city like Smyrna quickly.
  • Around Eastern Anatolia, you can recruit war elephants as mercenaries. Do not ally yourself with neighbors; instead, associate yourself with neighbor’s neighbor to take the common enemy lying between the two of you. For example, if you’re playing as Byzantium, make allegiance with Milan and wage war on Venice.

Tip 2 Know The Modes

There are two basic modes: The World Map and The Battle Map. World map is similar to civilization history where you get to manage construction and keep the public happy while moving your army to safeguard the citizens. But this mode is not that entertaining. Battle in real-time is the best mode. In this mode, you get to form your troops, use tactics and try to win the battles. It would be best if you did not only damage the enemy, but you should also damage their morale. I suggest you start with lands to conquer if you feel you need more spice, then try stainless steel. Thera’s least popular mode, this one, has a fantasy-like alt-universe history.

Tip 3 Keep a Tab on General Stats

Remember that each of your generals has stats that affect the overall gameplay- Command, Loyalty, Piety, and Chivalry.

  • The command is for auto resolving battles; in auto-resolve, the game compares the size of opposing armies and the command rating of generals in control to determine who wins.
  • Loyalty is the measure of a general’s loyalty towards his king and whether he will deflect or betray you. The higher the loyalty or authority, the better.
  • Piety shouldn’t be too low; otherwise, they will become inquisitors’ targets.
  • Concentrate on making them either a killing spree maniac or an angel for the army; it will depend on stats. Most people tend to neglect stats like Chivalry. Make sure that his Dread is always lesser than Chivalry; else, it will get troublesome.
Total War MEDIEVAL II tips to win

Tip 4 Play Strategically in Total War: MEDIEVAL II

Strategies will depend upon which faction you choose to play. You can use the classic hammer and anvil tactics with European sections.

  • European Faction Strategy: Engage your infantry with the enemy’s infantry, then get behind your cavalry and charge them from behind. You will see that most units will break and run away, so you have a choice to either kill their archers or do it afterward. Spearmen are best against cavalry. Keep archer behind infantry so that they’re protected from enemy cavalry.
  • Eastern Faction: use horse archers to take out enemy cavalry, then isolate the individual units and bring them for.
  • Any other faction: Always deploy uphill if the terrain is suitable. Attacking uphill will tire them out and break their morale. Try to take advantage of the landscape. Make sure to continue the battle even after it’s over to finish all the survivors. You will get prisoners, and it will also increase your general’s Chivalry. While defending sieges, don’t try to defend every inch of the wall; instead, mass your troops at specific edgy points.
Total War MEDIEVAL II guide

Tip 5 Manage Economy

For long-term economic power and development, I would recommend you place low taxes initially. This will eventually increase your wealth and population. Short-term loss for long-term gain (business politics) Later on, try to balance the tax levels based on population and growth. Don’t let the population growth get negative. Lower taxes will get your governor good traits and attributes as well. These attributes will ger you Chivalry for generals to maintain peace order and win upcoming battles.

Apart from the economy, you should also build farms, mines, roads, city halls, guilds, and trade buildings. Don’t build brothels or inns. There’s nothing wrong with it, but ye will bring you bad traits that would corrupt the kingdom later on. You can keep assassins and spies in brothels or inns but try not to build too many. Obtain as many trade agreements as pos. Recruit maximum merchants and move them to faraway places to trade and get the rarest respiration worldwide.

Some Other Miscellaneous Tips

These are exclusive tips that you may know or may not have heard about them, but I’m sure if you apply these, you’ll successfully be able to build a powerful kingdom.

  • When the pope dies, you can interact with all factions during the vote; you can improve relations and grab powers to vote for you.
  • Peasants generate less public order. Peasants can only be recruited to castle settlements.
  • Make Pike defense formation instead of a simple formation by using the ability.
  • If you keep a ship between two lands, the army cannot cross.
  • Assault a city by sending a spy first, then engage the lines with yours and flank them with heavy Chivalry. Send horse archers/light cavalry to finish the catapults/archers; you can also send spearmen. Make sure to outnumber them or finish them off by destroying their morale.
Total War MEDIEVAL II new tips and tricks

Total War: MEDIEVAL II is available on Google Play and App Store. Too much-complicated, right? Don’t worry once you get the hang of it; you will surely get addicted to it. I think the gaming mechanics and strategic gameplay are excellent, and you should try them. Check out another similar strategic game: Crush the Castle Legacy. Comment below if you have more tips to share.

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