Trading Legend is a brand-new tycoon business simulation game with a Chinese graphic style and concept. Your journey to fame and money will start as soon as you leave the home. As you move out in search of work, you get to sell and trade in the city. You will expand your empire and form trade alliances with the assistance of retainers and charms. The following are some tips and guides to get Started in Trading Legend and level up faster.

1. About basic gameplay and Tutorial

When you first start the game, it will walk you through the basics of how to play through tutorial instructions. As you advance, you’ll be notified when it’s time to buy businesses, hire personnel, and improve your freshly hired retainers. Following these steps will guarantee that you get off to a strong start in Trading Legend. Of course, you may employ extra staff or obtain credit from the bank for more money than is necessary.

2. Don’t forget to collect Rewards and Free Items

Keep in mind to collect your rewards as soon as you can. Many alternatives for earning and collecting free rewards can be found in the Home/Mansion section. To claim free items, go to the Timed Rewards section. You will also receive rewards for performing tasks and fulfilling objectives in the game.

You’ll also have a Mall shop with some free items to acquire on a regular basis. When you get any drawing tickets, go to the Lucky Draw option to enter for a chance to win one of the prizes. However, it makes sense to store up to 9 tickets in order to get 10 spins. Finally, remember to check your mail for any additional rewards that have been delivered to you.

Trading Legend Retainers

3. Earn some more from the Bank and your Properties

The bank is a good source of income, but unlike passive income from your properties, you have to tap it to receive it, so go there when you need cash and start tapping. The income is little at first, but it will grow as you upgrade. Upgrade your bank anytime you get the opportunity since this will boost your other market earnings.

In order to make more and acquire better deals from your properties, you must improve your fame and worth. When it comes to negotiating transactions with other merchants in ‘Stage’ and confronting opponents in the suburb, this will be the criteria by which you will be judged.

To assist you with this, you will hire Retainers and upgrade their abilities, talents, and aptitude in order to raise your worth. Your business will function more smoothly if your retainers are good. Ensure that any retainers you have been assigned to your company offer the income benefits they provide. You should also remember to inspect and improve your business structures as often as possible.

4. Complete orders to unlock more features from Stage Trade

Completing orders in the ‘Stage’ trade section will help you advance in the game by unlocking new features and allowing you to level up. To make deals along the way, use the bottom right trade button, and then approach a merchant to sell your products. To make the deals, you’ll need a source of income.

You may speed things up by using the auto trade option. If you do, the Events you meet along the way will be skipped. Remember to look for these later in the Event menu on the left. Managing each event will get you more prizes. You don’t have to complete them right away, but you can only skip and keep up to 20 events before losing them. Your worth will determine your capacity to accomplish the boss level trades. You should improve and train your retainers to boost it.

With this we would like to conclude out Guide and Tips article. We hope it helps you to progress easily and efficiently in the game. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates. Download Trading Legend from Google Play and App Store.

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