Magmatic Games’ Travel Town is a match-and-merge puzzle game that is presently available for iOS and Android devices. Travel Town has addicting gameplay that lovers of the genre will like. It comes with lovely sharp graphics and complementing music. This Travel Town Beginner’s Guide will help you to get off on the right foot. Experience amazing gameplay and discover new items as you keep on merging.

Travel Town: Gameplay

The game is set in Travel Town, a lovely coastal town that has been wrecked by a hurricane. Your primary goal is to restore it and assist your neighbors who have been left with nothing else. In the meantime, you’re discovering new things. The game’s mechanics entail combining matching elements to create greater and better objects. You may sell these items to your neighbors, who will reward you with smileys and other items in exchange. Smileys are the game’s in-game currency, and you’ll need them to restore the town.

To begin playing, you must use energy. You start with 100 units of energy in the form of lightning, which you must intelligently employ to progress through the stages. But be careful; you must pay attention to how you organize yourself in the meanwhile. I’ll give you a few pointers and strategies to help you move swiftly in Travel Town.

Travel Town Beginner’s Guide

  • As you progress further into the game, you will acquire a variety of items. So, it’s crucial to maintain order. Maintaining order will help you to keep a track of half merged items. It’s a good idea to classify them by kind since this will make it easier to find anything specific.
  • Smileys are the in-game currency, as previously stated. Smileys may be exchanged for keys, which can be used to rebuild Travel Town’s structures.
  • You’ll always have orders to fulfill. Some things, however, will not provide you with a large number of smileys in return. Some of your neighbors are eager to spend a lot of money on uncommon items. However, you must know where to look for them.
  • Make full use of your resources (mainly, Smileys, Energies, and Diamonds) to progress faster into the game.
  • Participate in Special Events. Don’t forget to finish the special events; they’re a great way to collect resources.
  • You may unlock more complex objects as you continue through the game. Or perhaps you expend energy more quickly. But don’t be disheartened; you may always exit the game and return after you’ve recovered your strength. Some products will take a few days to create, but you’ll always have other items to deliver in the meanwhile. 

With this, we would like to conclude the Travel Town Beginner’s Guide. We hope that the above-mentioned pointers will help you to achieve more and more levels until you completely build your city. We’d love to hear from you if you’ve uncovered any additional useful hints or techniques while playing! Please leave a message in the comments section below.

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