Tycoon Business Simulator is an idle simulation game. If you’re not familiar with idle games, they’re the ones where the majority of the progress is made without the player’s input. In this game, you play as a business tycoon who must run a corporation based on strategy. Begin as a modest business owner and work your way up to become the world’s wealthiest business empire owner and wealth maker.

Today, we’ll look at some tips and tricks and a thorough beginner’s guide for Tycoon Business Simulator. Let’s get started!

Downloading Tycoon Business Simulator:

If you’re interested in the game and wish to download it, you can do so from the Google Play Store. Let’s have a look at all of the entertaining features in this game.

Buy Multiple Businesses:

This, as you would assume, is one of the main aspects of the game. You can do so by pressing the Action button > Businesses. Each of them will yield you a bit of revenue. You will earn money every 30 seconds from all of the businesses. It will increase more as you level up. Always remember, the more you invest, the more you earn.

You can also check the trends tab to see what kind of businesses will yield more money. So keep an eye on it from time to time and invest in the ones making the most money. Also, remember to buy concessions so you can keep investing in more businesses.

Mine for Resources:

Tycoon Business Simulator resources

Resources such as Salt, Iron, and Aluminium can be mined or bought. You can buy them through the Actions > Resources tab. You can also see the increase in value and sell them for extra profit. As for mining, you can go to the world map and look around for all the items you can mine. You have to remember though, that every single item has its own success rate, so it’s not always going to be successful.

Wall Street Stocks:

Tycoon Business Simulator wall street

Investing in stocks works just like how it does in the real world. You trade commodities on the New York Stock Exchange. Every few hours, the quantity of trades is replenished. The greater the risk, the greater the revenue/loss. So always remember to buy low and sell high to make a better profit. The time goes from 9 to 5, so if you don’t sell within the time, you are bout to lose money. There is also a daily trade that you can do, so don’t miss out on it either.

Complete all of the missions:

Tycoon Business Simulator missions

There is also a missions tab with a lot of goals for you to follow. If you feel like there is nothing to do right now, just see the missions by clicking on the Rocket icon on the bottom right. You can see all the missions that you can do at the moment. If you click on the info button right beside it, you can see how you can complete that mission properly. Don’t miss out on it since it always pays off handsomely.

Ending Note:

Although the UI of this game appears to be basic, there are numerous features to explore. All you have to do now is keep leveling up and you’ll be able to unlock even more. Tycoon Business Simulator will always make you keep coming back for more, so Happy Gaming!

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