The official announcement of Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is finally out now on their website. Ubisoft took to their official website to announce the nuances of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile in the form of a blog post. Hence, a treat for the Android and iOS users, the popular title is moving to the mobile gaming platform. Earlier available on PC and consoles, it will now be available on App Store and Google Play Store.

Ubisoft has also released an exciting announcement trailer, simultaneous to the blog post announcement. The trailer is brilliant in its own making and has a strong resemblance to the original version of the game. It reveals some of the actual gameplay footage, showcasing the classic 5v5 experience which is successfully making its way on the mobile gaming platforms. This experience includes spy cameras, walls that are destructible, traps, and in-game maps that are well-known by the gamers familiar with the original version.

Rainbow Six Mobile

Alpha and Beta Testing

The announcement blog post has revealed that the game has been in progress for 3 years straight. They have finally come close to the completion of the game and are looking forward to some upcoming closed alpha tests. After some successful alpha tests, they will further move on to beta testing.

This is very exciting news for all the gamers. This is because it is another AAA title that is headed toward joining the list of major games coming on mobile platforms. Other popular upcoming games are Valorant Mobile, Warzone Mobile, Overwatch Mobile, and more.

What is different in the mobile version

While this game is majorly based on the original version, the blog post suggests something different. It suggests that it may not be available on the same large scale to mobile users. That line of the blog post reads – “Rainbow Six Mobile will give you the opportunity to play the game you love in short, accessible bursts.”

Rainbow Six Mobile will be available for free. As for the release dates, they haven’t been announced yet nor have there been any hints about it. Until the final release, players will be kept busy with the beta testing and with other necessary announcements and developments.

Until then, stay tuned with us for further mobile gaming news and updates! Don’t forget to check out Ubisoft’s website and the thrilling trailer that they have recently released. Do let us know in the comments section how excited you are!

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